September 12, 2011

[Shanghai 上海: Walk the Stroll]

I just got back from my trip to New York . . .the east version of it at least *wink*
"Yay!" to visiting Shanghai on Lebaran holiday this year.

It was a one breezy afternoon in Shanghai, my fam and I decided to have a little walk after havin' quite a feast for lunch. We leisurely strolled around the city while enjoying the city’s unique collection, Shanghai is just worth strolling for.
It was a very nice view from the overpass (under the flyover).  It was not an ordinary passover we've got here in Jakarta, it had these several branches which not only connect to the street across. 
*seems like a run-for-your-life-from-that-creepy-hand scene*
Most drivers (and riders) in Shanghai have driving mental worse than those metrominis' drivers, more like a Shanghai Drift. True strory.  However, cab/taxi is a more convenient transport in Shanghai rather than the MRT, which has complicated lines.

The Shanghainese Walk

Bat sleeves tee-(X).S.M.L/Mod Shorts-H&M/Bowler's Hat-H&M/Vintage Floral Oxford-UrbanOutfitters/RayBan Aviator II/Tory Burch Louisa Mini Shoulder Bag 

 Shanghai Concert Hall

Love how the historic architecture mingles with the modern one, gives a lil "dejavu of the NYC" (as quoted from my sis).

That day, our route started at FuMinLu 富民路 and ended at NanJingDongLu 南京东路站 (you might wanna check it on the map).  All I can say is we strolled until we got hungry again *LOL*

Until next post then, another updates from my Shanghai trip

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