January 12, 2012

[Wish List: Made in England]

A Cambridge satchel + a pair of Dr Martens Vintage 1460 = Purrfect

These two are my most favorite items right now that I'm dying to get so badly.  And they were both made in England.

I've been wanting to have a pair of Dr Martens since forever, but I always end up indecisive, dunno which one to get.  But I've made up my mind now, it's between the 1460 or 1461.

In my tweet, I mentioned about this Cambridge satchel! I spotted it in this store called Cumulus at Wheelock Place, Orchard.  It was love at the 1st sight. . .
Err actually, the love at the 1st sight was at Dr Martens' store..just a couple stores from Cumulus :p
(FYI, Cambridge Satchel Company do collaborate with Dr Martens recently for
F/W 2011 collection.  I would like to say it is a pure British collaboration indeed.) 
Spotted the classic one (in B/W) at Dr Martens, with a "Dr Martens" embossing.  However, I let that one slipped cos' I found it troublesome-to-open.
BUT..I took back my opinion right away after I saw these babies from the fluoro collection.  I certainly must have this bag, the neons are calling!!
And what I love most is that you can customize your own bag by having it embossed (usually w/ your name or initial)

Now, I'm torn between the fluoro yellow/pink/orange.  I'm still weighing on which color should I get and what should I emboss on the bag.  I suck big time in making decision.  A little help, please?

All I can say that this Cambridge satchel is damn tempting, it comes in many colors *drools*  Having more than 1 wont hurt I guess *teehee*
Confessions of a shopaholic no.2:  One is never enough, I always want more.  If I could, I'd buy the whole collection.

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January 6, 2012

[Happy New Year 2012 ❤]

Well Happy New Year to you all

It's 2012!
I'm so excited, as it's a fresh start for everyone, got rid of all the booboos in 2011 or make it as your lesson and start anew in this year of 2012 :)
The 1st resolution I come up with for 2012 is "updating my blog more often!".  Hope I do not fail *teehee*I havent come up with any other resolutions though, but Michelle Phan's contest gets me to think (enter here) :p
And I would like to thank those who already spent their time reading my blog or even just take a glance of it.  I appreciate it all. Thank you

And yay, it's my 1st post in 2012.
  I'll start my 1st post with: [the one on the New Year's Eve]

I had a date...with my sister on the new year's eve (again) and we had a nice dinner and movie (again).  It has become our any occasion's eve ritual I guess *LOL*
I sported this outfit (P.S.: my studded loafers are a champ!)
 I'm the Tiny Dancer ~
My (studded) "dancing" shoes 

So, we had a sudden decision to have our dinner in Daikokuya (Paragon B1, Orchard).  However, it was different with the one in Little Tokyo, LA I guessed #kindadisappointed.  It didn't taste bad though. Daikokuya serves four different styles of ramen: Sapporo ramen (rich chicken broth), Tokyo-style ramen (light chicken broth), Kyushu-style ramen (thick creamy pork broth) and Kogashi ramen (thick creamy pork broth with blackish aromatic oil).  Mini serving is also available for most of the ramens, but not for the Kyushu Tonkotsu.
The store has this common ramen shops' ambiance to it, like those in Japan..me likey :)

Sapporo Ramen (rich chicken broth) *we ♥*
Kyushu-style Ramen (thick creamy pork broth) *we ♥*

Well, we finished the whole meal like in approximately 20min, cos we got a movie to catch *fiuh*
Originally, I planned to watch the movie "New Year's Eve" on new year's eve #soundscliche. Since, my sister had already watched it, we watched "The Darkest Hour" instead.  The movie was just okay, there were some scenes that somehow totally illogical *nyeh* Rate it 2 outta 5.

We decided to join the crowd at MBS for the new year's countdown. And it was a big no-no! The queuing started right when we stepped out the MRT all the way out from the MRT station.  The probability of insane cab's queuing line and the probability of not getting a cab until 4AM were both high.  So, we just had a quick calculation and rushed back to the MRT station and got ourselves home :p

And we did close our 2011 with the best decision ever The fireworks in MBS lasted like only 8 minutes. Yeah we knew cos' we got a direct view to MBS from our room, a very clear view indeed.  Instead of squeezing around and got a neck-pain from trying to look up, we were comfortably enjoying the fireworks with a little midnight treat for ourselves in an AC-ed room. A simple but cozy celebration it was :) 
The Fireworks
Awfully Chocolate's White Chocolate Butterscotch (ION B4, Orchard)
(the butterscotch was in no condition to be taken picture of, but it was awfully tasty! *we ♥*)

How did you spend you New Year's eve? :)

have a nice 2012 and hope 2012 brings you all nothing but happiness.