February 26, 2014

[Stuart Weitzman SW x YOU: Design Your Own Perfect Shoe]

To ease your mid-week crisis away, here's a good news ladies!

For you who's been in search of a perfect pair of ankle-strap heels or who just cant seem to get enough of this effortlessly-chic-and-can-simply-go-with-any-looks strapped sandal, you might wanna check what Stuart Weitzman's got to offer with the newly launched feature on its website called SW x YOU
This new section enables you to customize your own pair of Stuart Weitzman ideal ankle-strap heels: Nudist, with 2 options of heel height and 12 fabulous swatches to choose from. *dying to get the white one here!*
Well, if the shoes fit...buy it in every color wise woman once said.  It will cost you US$400 a pair, but you can always consider it as an investment.  Do you know that ankle-strap heels is one of the shoes that a woman should own, according to Harper's Bazaar?

Moreover, with fashion forward A-list stars, such as Diane Kruger, Kate Beckinsale, and Jennifer Lawrence in its portfolio, we're totally digging this shoe.

So, what are you waiting for, ladies? Hurry up and check your bank-account balance, then place your order before March 12, 2014!  It's for a limited time only.

Simply follow these steps to score your perfect pair of Nudist:

Step 1
Step 2
 Step 3
 Step 4
Unfortunately, it is not available for shipping to Asia yet.  So, you might wanna consider using Borderlinx.  Good luck and happy customizing


February 22, 2014

[Color Code: Placid Blue]

February does not always have to be all about the sweet romantic pink.  How about making some room in your closet for this other pastel color called Placid Blue?  Which undoubtedly lives up to its name, as its soft blue hue imparts nothing but tranquility. (agree?)
Moreover, with the spring season approaching, there's no reason to not start embracing this light shade of blue that opens Pantone® Spring 2014 Fashion Color palette, and slowly make your transition into spring. 

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, suggests that this pastel is very adaptable, as we are so accustomed to seeing it as nature's background.  So, not only that we can see this color stands on its own for its picture-perfect calmness, but also as a neutral that can be creatively mixed with other colors in the spectrum.  

Designers, such as the contemporary A.Wang and Barbara Bui to the high fashion Burberry, Marchesa, and Valentino, have also given their approval of this placid color through their Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

What's more with the recent street style of Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion weeks crowds, which shows how the crowds have successfully figured out this blue's clues. 

Don a matching placid blue top and bottoms like what Jeanie Lee did and add some matching accessories in the same colors as well.  Or simply put a jacket of this hue over your monochrome articles, like Kate Foley and Eleina Welteroth did.

There's no absolute rule on how to and not to wear this placid hue, so be creative and have fun!


February 19, 2014

[Hair Diary: Dry Me Hair Salon]


You know what really grinds my gears?  That it takes ages just to get my hair washed and blew out at a hair salon...cos' the rate of women getting their hairs cut, colored, straightened, curled, treated, their nails done, their bits waxed, etc. is too damn high.  So, I've given up the idea of going to a hair salon for solely that purpose long time ago.
And since I'm all butterfingers when it comes to styling my own hair, I'm left with boring hairstyle.
(mazel tov to you who encounter zero problem styling your own hair at home) 

However, just about last week, I bid my boring hair days goodbye.  I have found a hair salon that answers my 'cry for help': Dry Me Hair Salon

Dry Me new branch at Baywalk Mall, Pluit

For you who have the same problem as me, Dry Me is definitely the hair salon for you.
Why?  Because unlike any other hair salons, they specialize in exceptionally quick hair wash n' blow service.  They do not call it exceptionally quick for nothing.  In just 30 minutes, they will get your hair washed, blew out, and ready for action for only (wait for it) IDR 65.000
A little corner turns cafe turns perfect waiting place for you and your loved ones
(with free wi-fi )

The cozy atmosphere that's perfect for self pampering time

Enjoy the overlooking-the-sea view and the nice smelling towels

Refer to the lookbook for the look you desire

Other essential services such as hair spa and manicure are also available at Dry Me. You can either choose the à la carte service or the Pick Me Up package for a head-to-hand experience, which includes hair spa, blow out, nail polish, and vitamin shot for IDR 250.000 (definitely gonna try this next time!) 
The pricing for all services available at Dry Me are below...(for more detailed explanation on the services, please contact your nearest Dry Me)

I opted for the hair spa treatment on my first visit since I havent done any treatment for my coloured hair and because "I deserve some self pampering!" (yes ladies...repeat after me)

Hair Spa à la Dry Me using L'Oreal Hair Spa for a more hydrated, strong, and soft hair
(do it once every two weeks ladies)

The exceptionally quick blowout, mine was even less than 30 minutes. Thank you Dafa :)

An excellent service til' the end

And here's my final result...loving my now soft and hydrated hair and the Windy Wave look to the max. Thank you Dry Me, now I'm ready to roll!
KENZO X NEW ERA Eyes snapback/TOPSHOP Black Shirt/(M)PHOSIS Harem Pants/KENZO Eyes sneakers/
Bao Bao Bag in Satine Black/PRADA Edward Robot Keychain

From my experience, I can assure you that Dry Me is not just another hair salon as they have taken hair wash n' blow service to a whole new level. Time wise, quality wise, and value wise.

So, are you ready to take a blow and say goodbye to bad hair days?

Dry Me 
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, 2nd Floor 2F-121A, fashion Hub (+622145848971) 
Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit, 2nd Floor 17A (+622129629448)
10:00 AM-10:00 PM Mon-Sun
www.thedryme.com | info@thedryme.com | @thedryme

A very special thanks to these two lovely ladies, Sherrin and Hanny,
for the lovely experience at
Dry Me


February 13, 2014

[What to Wear: Saint Valentine's Day]

I know those who are working (and celebrating) on Valentine's day this year can totally relate to what Madame Coco was saying, what's with Valentine's Day falls on a weekday and approaching in 1200 hours.  Oh mon Dieu!

So, for you who still have no idea what to wear for tomorrow's dinner date or night out with your gal pals...worry not, here's some ideas inspired by color palette from the lovely quote above (hint: matching top-bottom to the rescue...)

 Look No.1
With the exposed-midriffs suit trend exploding on this season's runways, it will be awful to not embrace this very trend on a day where it's okay to be a little bit exposé. To tone down the high level of fierceness bare midriffs will bring, pick soft colors like blushing pink for that innocence kinda feeling.

Look No.2
It's not a crime to wear striped B/W matching top-bottom, especially with this ruffle cuffs crop top that gives the whole minimalist look a feminine spark.  Add some red-pink combo to avoid looking like you just got out from an old B/W movie.

Good luck and have a fabulous Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day as A.Wang might say


February 9, 2014

[Wish List: Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch]

Anya Hindmarch, following the footsteps of her fellow designers, such as Margiela and Olympia, has claimed yet another item from our secret snack stash.  They already have the candy wrapper and gummy bear in the we're-not-gonna-judge-you-for-omnomnoming-such-food land, and now it's time for a package of delish crisps (...or potato chips) to cross over.

Hindmarch's idea of of creating luxurious versions of everyday objects resulted in a 18 x 13 x 4 cm Crisp Packet Clutch that has taken the shape of a pack of Walker's crisps (heard it was the Salt&Vinegar flavour...another reason to love this clutch)Hindmarch calls it a “perfect little clutch and actually a little piece of art. It is really modern, and a forever classic, I think.”
Check out the elaborate design and craftsmanship this little piece of art went through before hitting the market here.

This GBP995 per 500 g crisp clutch
comes in 4 metallic hues: London Blue, Orange, Pale Gold and Silver, with a suede lining and detachable chain strap.

The shiny nature of its metallic colour and its petite size make this clutch the perfect evening bag
for you who's bored of the conventional ones.  And for those, who were born to take place under the limelight, this will be just the right bag to make all the heads turn your way...have this metallic piece to finish up your casual look for that extra crisp.

And just a normal human being, I am, who has a soft spot for such an eye-candy...I, too, crave to have this clutch on my snack shelf alongside my MMM x H&M candy-wrapper clutch.
But, I guess it won't be happening soon, since the waiting list for this clutch is so long that the first time it hit the store...sold out in just 3 hours.  However, no worry, the next drop is in mid-March. So, start saving up and wait in list, ladies! 

Available online via Anya Hindmarch