February 13, 2014

[What to Wear: Saint Valentine's Day]

I know those who are working (and celebrating) on Valentine's day this year can totally relate to what Madame Coco was saying, what's with Valentine's Day falls on a weekday and approaching in 1200 hours.  Oh mon Dieu!

So, for you who still have no idea what to wear for tomorrow's dinner date or night out with your gal pals...worry not, here's some ideas inspired by color palette from the lovely quote above (hint: matching top-bottom to the rescue...)

 Look No.1
With the exposed-midriffs suit trend exploding on this season's runways, it will be awful to not embrace this very trend on a day where it's okay to be a little bit exposé. To tone down the high level of fierceness bare midriffs will bring, pick soft colors like blushing pink for that innocence kinda feeling.

Look No.2
It's not a crime to wear striped B/W matching top-bottom, especially with this ruffle cuffs crop top that gives the whole minimalist look a feminine spark.  Add some red-pink combo to avoid looking like you just got out from an old B/W movie.

Good luck and have a fabulous Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day as A.Wang might say



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