May 26, 2012

[A Story of A Fresh Graduate]


Finally, the long awaited day had come..May 26 2012, the day of my commencement  

Here is a little trivia of my "education background":
I studied Accounting in Pelita Harapan University, batch 2008.  Struggled for 3.5 years yet enjoying every moment of it, and was finally declared "passed" for final thesis defense around 4months ago.

And back to the commencement day that I was so excited about! You bet I was!
So relieved when I knew that girls were not required to wear "kebaya", the kind of outfit that most of the graduates in Indonesia wear in commencement ceremony.  
But, speaking from experience, that is definitely the outfit you wanna refrain from wearing in a hot and sunny day, especially when you're gonna top it off with another layer of graduation robe.  The brocade fabric is just not heat-friendly.  
Although I must admit that most women look utterly ravishing in kebaya, it's the nature of the outfit that lines the body so elegantly.

But oh well, this is what I put on on the D-Day (Hint: Opera Cake)
Lace Panel Dress - Topshop/Buttons Detachable Collar - Pre Order at Accessoria Nerve/Treasure Chest Ring - Topshop/Sepia Pumps - Jimmy Choo
Since this season is all about "pastels", I decided to tone down from my usual neon-self to channel my inner-pastel.
THREE things why I cudnt wait to put on this ensemble altogether are: 
1. I'm so in love w/ my Topshop dress, especially with the intricate lace details and the long sleeves and oh yes the princess line seam-line that helps one (me!) looks slimmer

2. I gotta admit that I havent got over detachable collar, instead I bring my fascination to the next level.  This is so far the most lavish d-collar I've ever purchased.  The 1st impression I got on this d-collar was this:
Ashley Olsen's Baroque Mask in Influence
and I was like: MUST HAVE THIS D-COLLAR!!*hysterical* 
(by the way, it is available for pre-order in Accessoria Nerve on June )

3. I finally found my "one-pair fits all" pumps.  A combination of black and nude colors, with a little twist of patent leather on the platform...really reminds me of Opera Cake! And, it's my first Jimmy Choo :))

(Special thanks to my lovely sis for picking up these shoes in the mid of her hectic schedule )

I did feel a wee-bit like a Parisienne with all the hat and the braids. Oui oui! :p
Got a friend who is like a master in braiding, and she saved my "o so straight" hair by braiding it into whatchamacallit braid.
Merci beaucoup, Vonny

Okay, I think enough bout my look... 
In this opportunity, I'd like to express my solemn gratitude to my family for their endless support and constant encouragement (and the pretty gifts :p).  And to each and everyone of you that has helped me "survived" these past 3.5 years, thank you :))
more commencement photos here
Thank You

May 4, 2012

[May The Fourth Be With You]


Stripes Dress-Mom's Vintage/Denim Vest-Mom's Vintage/Studded Vest-Mango/Bowler Hat-H&M/Studded Bracelet-Topshop/Biker's Gloves-UO/Dotted Stocking-UO/Ankle Boots-Deena&Ozzy/Cambridge Satchel Fluoro Yellow 11"

THE INSPIRATION (...and a tiny bit of Han Solo)

I think I belong to the dark side...
I'll be gladly to receive episode IV-V as any mean of gifts, and the monopoly set as well cos I lost mine :p

P.S: And yes, I finally got my Cambridge Fluoro Satchel not so long ago

May 2, 2012

[Nails Diary: Katniss Everdeen's (Girl on Fire) Nails]

“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” -Katniss Everdeen

As promised, this is my version of Katniss' Girl on Fire Nails!

So, here's is the concept: blazing fire. *duh!* 
Had this idea of the fire started small on the outer which then blazed (gracefully :p) on the middle, just like Cinna's fire on "PeeNiss" tributes' parade outfits.
Got the fire blazing in three middle fingers (instead of one) to indicate the three-fingers salute thing.  
Would've been awesome if Katniss had these manicures on when she did the salute in Rue's death scene :D

This look was brought to you by polishes from China Glaze Capitol Colour Collection.
I used Electrify (District 5), Luxe & Lush (District 1), and Fast Track (District 6) (read the awesome review from ThePolishAholic)
Fast Track, Electrify, Luxe&Lush
Light VS Shade

As a citizen of District 12 (here), I shud've got the Smoke and Ashes also, but I just didnt have enough catch to trade it at the Hob if you know what I mean *boo-ya*
However, I happened to find a way to create the resemblance to Smoke and Ashes (later below, okay? :))

So back to the topic!
First, I apply a coat of Fast Track as the base for Electrify, just to add another gold pigment.  You can skip this part tho', cos electrify is a glitter polish that can hold its own ground (definitely better than OPI's Rainbow Connection). A coat or two of Electrify, and voila you get yourself a full coat of glitter.  And it was damn easy to apply!

Second, stick a piece of clear tape on your nails then draw a blazing fire then cut the fire out (a broad or long nail would be a nice one, otherwise it will need a lot of patience to cut those tiny little fire but the hard-work pays off :D)
Stick the cut fire back to your nail, and swipe  black polish thru half of your nail. I need 2 to 3 coats of black to cover the electrify.  wait until it's completely dry then pull the fire tape off. Yes, this step needs a lot of patience.

Last, for the thumb and pinky, I only painted simple triangle shape fire to indicate "small fire", then add a thin coat of Luxe and Lush from the triangle point upward to give fire flakes feel.
Then top it all off with topcoat, and you're ready to sport your Katniss' Fire nails

Of all my experiences purchasing nail polishes, this is the most excited one. Honestly.
So, good luck girls tryin this look and may the odds be ever in you favor

PS: To achieve the Smoke and Ashes polish look, swipe two coats of black polish as base, then add sufficient amount of silver glitter polish w/ clear base, then add another pretty thin coat of black. There you have it!:D