October 25, 2009

[Broken and White]

"Oversize still, yet not way overtime."

Straw Hat - Quicksilver
Over sized Blazer - Zara
Brittle Gray Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Heels - Naning

Finally, yes finally..I'd got to wear this dreamy blazer of mine.

Found it on
April, bought it on June, wore it on October. Yeah gotta admit it, had quite a story with this blazer.

"So, what's the story behind it, Grace?"
Thank you for asking, and here's the story: *a two-way monologue =_=*

So I've mentioned about this blazer on my previous April post: [Oversize is not Overtime]
. And finally after 2 months of patience, the time that I'd been waiting for finally came: Zara Summer Sale, hurry got my ass to Zara.
However, my journey of getting this blazer was quite a disappointment, cos' every Zara I went in, turned out did not have either this model or the size.
Yet how did I get this blazer at the end? Gotta thank momma then, she was the one who found it, just the right model and the right size, on this one miraculous day while she was out with her friend. ;p
and it was on sale too fortunately, hmm..nice~
And again, same old story happened, couldn't find the right shoes to go with it. So I retained from wearing it until I found the perfect one, just didn't wanna ruin the whole concept :(
and yeah indeed I found the shoes, on Yahoo's auction TW, so I asked my friend,
lovely Triyana, to order it for me but I had to be patient for..another 3 months. *sigh*


and in the end, it was a happy ending story, I finally got it all on October, the 24th to be exact. Strolled it round the mall right away. *yay!*

*Happy Birthday Vonny ♥*

Heart this blazer so much, and still got another concept to go with this blazer but still in process of collecting all the items. So, just wait ;)


October 13, 2009

[Twilight Saga and I, the 1st Anniversary part.1]

"My heart is just as silent. And it, too, is yours."

Two words that can make my world goes right round right round.

"About one thing I am absolutely positive, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Twilight Saga."

So, it was a year ago, beneath the clouds of a September sky, the night Twilight Saga and I first met. I remember it was Wednesday, the first time I got my own copy of Twilight (the first book of the saga out of four). I ended up buying this book after hearing an interesting intermezzo about this novel from one of my class fellow when we were having this afternoon chit-chat on a 3credits-length class. And he recommended me just the right and perfect novel. *thanks Gary*

After finished reading the first book-Twilight- I was awed, dazed, and intoxicated by this captivating love story between Bella and Edward *aww*. I go all frenzy with this Twilight Saga thing ever since, I even finished the whole 4 books in a week, with Breaking Dawn in just a day. Cos' once I'm caught up in an interesting story I can't help but keep flipping page by page, don't know where to stop. And I was broke cos of that, 4 books in a week..a hell of a money, but worth buying ♥
Up until now, I still can't stop. I have this routine, which I call "HAPPY HOUR": reading Twilight Saga every night before I go to bed, accompanied by a cup of earl grey tea with Twilight and New Moon soundtracks (so far) on the background. Yap, every night, except when I go abroad or else, when I cannot bring my saga with me *it's killing me*. Yeah yeah, I'm a freak *lol*

O-kay, let's start talking bout Twilight Saga, inside-out ;p
First of all, TWO THUMBS UP Stephanie Meyer. Thanks for creating such stupendous story. Heart it.

Twilight: Book or Movie?

Regretfully I must say, I go with the book. The movie turns out quite unexpected actually, the story and some of the details are different from the book and if you are observant and watch it over and over again, you'll find many errors as if as it's a low-budget movie. It's also too choppy.
BUT...*there's a but*
fortunately, the leading actor and actress are FABULOUS! Heart RPattz and KStew from the bottom of this beating heart.
RPattz is like carving Edward out of the book. His face, his voice, exactly like what's described by Bella on the book, some kind of Pagan God's beauty. A perfection. I honestly cannot think of any other actor that's suitable for Edward part other than RPattz himself.

Moreover, what interest me most is that, in the real life, he has this quite opposite of Edward image, his style is a mess and the way he speaks and behaves..not cool at all-for some people. But to me, he's so damn charming by not afraid to show his real self, he actually gets out of Edward's box. Unlike those Hollywood hunks that are trying to look oh so cool *yeah I'm talking bout you Zac Efron*
And the other breathtaking fact about this absolute British hunk is that he can actually sings and play instruments (guitar and piano), a
nd he's got quite a talent there. He sings my most favorite track in Twilight OST, "NEVER THINK", I'm lovin' it. You can also find some videos in Youtube of him singing live like "Stray Dog", "To Roam", "I'll be Your Lover too", "I Was Broken", etc. Don't miss it ;)

And KStew, ohh pretty pretty KStew. Her Bella is quite different from the book actually, more aloof, but she rocks the character somehow. And she looks so cute as Bella.
I love her feature and figure so much, so envious. She looks stunning in almost all of her outfits and I love all her photo-shoots.

*MAJOR!!!! shoot from Interview Mags*
Many people find KStew as this one of most hostile Hollywood young-star, but come on, I mean like it's her nature. It's great I think that she's not trying to please the annoying paparazzi all the time, she's just enjoying her private time being herself. Keep it up girl, no matter how often Perez mocks you *lol*
She makes a real great couple together with RPattz
, wish I could display all my favorite photos of KStew and RPattz here, but it's just too many *ugh*

*love the louboutin she wore for Harper's Bazaar shoot*

Sorry, kinda outta the line, I was supposed to review bout the books and movies, not the actors *my bad ;p*
So, it's not that I dislike the movie, in fact I love it but not as I love the book but the point is I love both the book and movies *yeah yeah keep talking grace*, cos' some of the scenes are breathtaking, even after for God only knows how many times I've watched it.

Let just say that the book is great the way it is and the movie itself are more for the movie material, some parts from the books are maybe not too interesting if developed into movie scenes so that the director had to modify a lil bit to get the thrill outta it.

Here are some of the breathtaking favorite scenes of mine:
1. Edward's first appearance.

With Carter Burwell's Who Are They playing on the back, Edward came into the cafeteria and smirked as he passed thru' Bella and Jess. Gosh, what a charm!

2. Edward introduced himself to Bella at the Biology Class.

It starts with a 'hello' and I melt myself. His voice is so sexy and the way he stares at Bella *fiuhh*. Both of them looks stunning close-up.

3. Edward and Bella's first public appearance

If I were Bella, I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

4. Edward and Bella's Lullaby *favorite one*

Luckily this scene comes up after the cheesy chatting up on the tree scene. I'm all gyaaaa-ing everytime this scene shows up.

5. Edward's first "sleepover" at Bella's room

They look so cute together, wearing the same blue t-shirts.

6. Dancing on the pavilion

So romantic, and the soundtrack Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine is perfect.

A little story of me and Twilight the movie, you'll know what I mean ;)

Guess I'll end my first post of my TwiObsession here. To be continued..there's still so much to share with you guys bout Twilight Saga. Twilight Saga: New Moon is coming up this Nov 20, post bout it later, can't wait...counting down the days. :)


October 2, 2009

[Batik-Heritage of Indonesia]

"Mbatik manah - drawing a batik design on the heart."

On Oct. 2, Indonesia finally got the world recognition for one of its most significant unique culture- the culture of Batik.
To celebrate this significant achievement in Indonesia culture history, many of the Indonesians proudly wore Batik on the day of recognition by the UNESCO (which is acknowledged as the Batik Day now).

This recognition is major especially for Indonesia fashion industry. Indonesia designers are challenged to bring out different themes for this esthetically-high fabric, other than the traditional one. Not that the traditional look of Batik is out-to-date or boring, it still bears the exquisite heritage of Indonesian beauty.
However, designers ought to think outside the box of heritage beauty, what could be brought out of this traditional fabric which screams modern and sophisticated. By having various style of design in Batik will enrich our Batik culture, and also makes Batik more suitable for any kind of occasions, any generation which lead to growth in usage of Batik itself. Many Indonesian designers are into this issue nowadays. Some of my favorites are Kanaya Tabitha, Anne Avantie, and Oscar Lawalata. Check out Kanaya's heritage/batik collection, so chic..not bad for Indonesia designers *wink*

My classmates and I also participated wearing Batik in unison on Oct 2. This is what I threw on..

Big thanks to my dearest mom for providing all these fabulous vintage clothes
Cotton Batik - Mom's Closet
Acid-washed Denim Pencils - Mom's Closet

*courtesy of morning dew*

The more people wear Batik, the more preserved this culture. So, starts collecting Batik now, especially "Made in Indonesia" Batik :)