September 29, 2012

[London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Steal Street Style]

I always fancy the preppy and quirky style roaming the streets of London.
The preppy style gives out this signature Brits classy spirit while the quirkies show a different side of the Brits in an eccentric way, make them fascinating to watch. days cannot get any better when these two styles get together during the London Fashion Week.
So, in celebration of the variety and uniqueness London street style brings, here are 4 preppy and 4 quirky styles worth stealing from the LFW S/S'13 fashion crowd

Look No.1  
 A classic school-girl style gets a bit fierce twist from the leather skirt and the red lips. 
Look No.2
Red and Bordeaux proven to collide in harmony, as well as the Brit Royal signature Tartan with the American scholar signature Varsity Jacket.

Look No.3
Now we can know for sure that a pop of neon makes your preppy style fun, and a touch of lace+stilettos keeps your lady-likeness attached.

Look No.4
It's never a crime adding a tinge of futuristic metallic to your timeless satchel for that extra flair on your classic dandy look   

Look No.5
It's mysterious how neon (most of the time) adds a spark of edginess these days, even to goth look.
(P.S.: I try to find similar jumpsuit with a hint of burgundy so that you can wear matching burgundy lipstick, which is a huge trend right now, but this is the best I can come up with. Do pardon me)

Look No.6
Look effortlessly chic in a pair of boyish overall with a pair of womanly court shoes and a piece of grungy leather biker jacket tied around the waist

Look No.7
Own this piece of leather overall and you've got it all

Look No.8 
 A groundbreaking way on how to wear a pair running shorts with a pair of metallic pointed pumps and still look stunning
(P.S.: here is another jumper that you can try, "inspired" by the 3.1.Phillip Lim Break Up jumper)

I dunno if you notice that I re-create all the looks using pieces from (mostly) UK brands.  I find this "keep it British" concept aptly challenging to the LFW theme.  oh yeah...and also, cos' I'm a loyal fan of Topshop.

Well, hope you enjoy it and get inspired.

September 22, 2012

[Channeling Lagerfeld at (X) S.M.L Annual Show 12/13]

The post title says it all...

So, on my last post, I told you about the event I attended last week, (X) S.M.L Annual Show 12/13.  And here are the details of the outfit I wore that à la mode day

I'm channeling my inner-rebellious-self with a hint of denim (inspired by Chanel Resort 2013 Collection) and a bit of Mr. Lagerfeld here and there.

The idea derived from this very 1st tweed jacket piece of mine, which I've been dying to wear...
Zara Tweed Jacket with Studded Opening (so in love with this )

 And this half-palm leather glove, which I've been dying to wear as well.
(M)Phosis Half-Palm Leather Glove

Tweed Jacket - Zara/Denim Shirt - Kimchi Blue/Lace Duster Long Cardigan - Sparkle&Fade/Leather Shorts - Eann 9.1/Strappy Heels - Marco/Half-palm Leather Glove - MPhosis/Watch - Swatch/Ring - Topshop/Neon Bracelet - H&M/Kelly Double Tour - Hermes/Spiked Bracelet - Accesoria Nerve/Chanel Mademoiselle Bowling Bag
I was wearing a Make Up Forever Rouge à Lèvres 203 lipstick
I'm so obsessed with Posh's side braid that I decided to incorporate it to my look, but since I'm no Ken Paves, this is how it turned out.
sporting all my DIYs bracelets: the green and the silver friendship bracelets, and the jade blings bracelet
I kinda become addicted to this whole DIY thingy.


September 21, 2012

[(X) S.M.L Annual Show 12/13: "Tomorrow Land"]

Last Friday night, 2012/09/14, I had a (almost) great time attending (X) S.M.L Annual Show 12/13 "Tomorrow Land" at Fairgrounds, SCBD *thanks lovely Loren for the invitation*

Dun get me wrong, the show was fantastic.  However, the evening would be perfect if I just remembered to bring my camera with me, which unfortunately I did not. 
So, there I was, trying to savor every moment of the event with just my iPhone 4 5MP camera.

All dressed-up and queuing to get into the so-called Terminal (X) S.M.L departing for Tomorrow Land
The invitation / "passport"

Once inside the "gate"....
The friend that I dragged to accompany me to the show. Thanks, Andrew Lie! 
(We accidentally matched in denim. Go denim!)
Tried my best to capture the à la mode moment of the crowd that evening...and here they are, enjoy! (do pardon the poor quality, iPhone 4's camera just dont work well with insufficient lighting)
The person queuing in front of me gave me an interesting detail to shoot.  It's "Devil Wears Prada" in case you find it hard to read.
A fall-must-have: metallic  
It brings this elegant Lady Dior bag into a whole new level and most of all, suits the evening theme of futuristic Tomorrow Land very well.
It's not "hype" without Studs and Spikes

For more "sartorial moment", visit:
 Our sartorial moment captured by Fahad from -Fabulous-Famous-Fashion-Fierce-Friend-Fuck-Fun-
(Aww, the quality of a DSLR Camera)

And at 7PM-ish, the departure for flight XSML1209 was announced...and so the journey to Tomorrow Land began.
The collection was started with light hues which gradually getting darker towards the end the show.
Colors like white, khakis, and coral were seen dominating the opening pieces.  A hint of light blue or minty green was also spotted complementing these earthy-tone pieces.
In the middle, the pieces started to give a bold and stronger vibe with the usage of darker shades such as purple and dark gray.  And finally towards the finale pieces that were mostly dominated by black.

And one that have been (X) S.M.L signature style, which is its asymmetrical design that incorporates different cut of materials or colors, was also seen throughout the collection that evening.

There was this idea of wearing their jackets upside-down, which was proposed quite often during the presentation that I found it quite intriguing and prolly worth-a-try.
However, it was the heels and some of the flowy sheer finale pieces that captured my heart the most.  Definitely gonna get them once they're available.

 For more photos of the  F/W'12 collection, visit:
>> Gabriella Olivia <<

The details of the outfit I wore to this event will be up in my next post.

September 18, 2012

[In The Moment Eye Candy #02]

*The Brave Collection, founded by Jessica Hendricks, is a line of bracelets made by fair trade Cambodian artisans, to raise awareness and funds for antitrafficking foundations. 10 percent of gross proceeds benefits The Somaly Mam Foundation and Made by Survivors (among others).”
**25 percent of sales from Kate Spade's inspirational bracelet are donated to Women for Women International, a foundation that helps women in war-torn countries rebuild their lives.

And...please back this awesome Everpurse's project: charge your smartphone in style

September 17, 2012

[New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Street Style Fête]

If I were to have three wishes granted by a genie in one of my perfume bottle, going to a fashion week (whether it's New York, London, Paris, or Milan) would definitely be one of my wishes. #daydreaming
Hop from one fashion show to another, strike a pose, flaunt fabgorg street style..aww fashion week and all the excitement it brings, nothing but a pool of joy and inspiration.

Well, here's the round-up of fantabulous style roaming the street at NYFW S/S 2013
Fall may come, but talk about SHEER with Natalie Joos and how she nailed the looks (with her Etro cat-eyed sunnies)

Taylor Tomasi-Hill (Artistic Director for Moda Operandi) and Zanna Roberts-Rassi (Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire) put a spell on me by working these fall pieces (say the trench coat and the leather jacket) with a summer laid-back style. J'adore!

Miroslava Duma always has my attention...and it's all about color-play this time

And the rest of the showgoers that helped contributing "WOW" factor at NYFW S/S 2013 with their street-style...
the must-try head-to-toe bordeaux

the Fall Warrior: leather skirt + strappy heels 
(cant help but coveting Aimee Song's metallic laser cut leather skirt )

prints, tweeds, and stripes...finished off with fall must have thin-ankle-straps heels

spotted: Versace's fringes still make it to Fall

the Animal Kingdom

Bubbly Neon!
(transition summer to fall tip: add a lightweight sweater to your neon pieces)
The Statement Hat Pieces

Another fall-must-have: Mirrored Sunnies
Bad-ass meets Chic

Clear enough...

 images via Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, the Cut, refinery29