September 29, 2012

[London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Steal Street Style]

I always fancy the preppy and quirky style roaming the streets of London.
The preppy style gives out this signature Brits classy spirit while the quirkies show a different side of the Brits in an eccentric way, make them fascinating to watch. days cannot get any better when these two styles get together during the London Fashion Week.
So, in celebration of the variety and uniqueness London street style brings, here are 4 preppy and 4 quirky styles worth stealing from the LFW S/S'13 fashion crowd

Look No.1  
 A classic school-girl style gets a bit fierce twist from the leather skirt and the red lips. 
Look No.2
Red and Bordeaux proven to collide in harmony, as well as the Brit Royal signature Tartan with the American scholar signature Varsity Jacket.

Look No.3
Now we can know for sure that a pop of neon makes your preppy style fun, and a touch of lace+stilettos keeps your lady-likeness attached.

Look No.4
It's never a crime adding a tinge of futuristic metallic to your timeless satchel for that extra flair on your classic dandy look   

Look No.5
It's mysterious how neon (most of the time) adds a spark of edginess these days, even to goth look.
(P.S.: I try to find similar jumpsuit with a hint of burgundy so that you can wear matching burgundy lipstick, which is a huge trend right now, but this is the best I can come up with. Do pardon me)

Look No.6
Look effortlessly chic in a pair of boyish overall with a pair of womanly court shoes and a piece of grungy leather biker jacket tied around the waist

Look No.7
Own this piece of leather overall and you've got it all

Look No.8 
 A groundbreaking way on how to wear a pair running shorts with a pair of metallic pointed pumps and still look stunning
(P.S.: here is another jumper that you can try, "inspired" by the 3.1.Phillip Lim Break Up jumper)

I dunno if you notice that I re-create all the looks using pieces from (mostly) UK brands.  I find this "keep it British" concept aptly challenging to the LFW theme.  oh yeah...and also, cos' I'm a loyal fan of Topshop.

Well, hope you enjoy it and get inspired.


  1. I love the first and number 6 looks! :)

  2. These looks are all great! Your blog is wonderful. Maybe you could check mine out too? It would mean the world!
    Kisses, Vilda :)

  3. That Topshop panel bag from the first look is a find!! Come to me you beauty!!!

  4. You have a great blog. Very unique style. I followed you and will for sure visit on a regular basis. Hope you can also visit my blog I will be thrilled if you think it's worth your following or liking.
    Thank you

  5. Ahh, the best thing about fashion... FASHION SHOWS! I love it. Thank you for the share. My dream is actually to attend one of these Paris fashion shows, they have pretty much everything. Sadly I only get to watch it on TV, and admire it from afar.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. One can hope though, just never stop trying :)