April 12, 2009

[Not You, Wolverine]

"It's just a scratch."

Yeah...easy to say, but hard to accept. This is somethin i did to my father's car a couple minutes ago...

Yes Wolverine, I know you didn't cause this, I did *sigh*
My first scratch as a result of amateur's miscalculation and lights insufficient..sorry dad for bein' careless and thank you for not gettin mad at me :)

I'm kinda pissed off actually, pissed at myself. Just a second too late to the left, there it went...the right back part of my car "intimately touched" the front gate and produced these three little cute scratch.

NEXT TIME must be more accurate! Yosh! Still need lots and lots of practice.
I drive a 2004 2.5 XT Nissan X-Trail SUV, what a comfy car in my opinion..love this car so much, that's why kinda hurt when those scratches happened.


April 10, 2009

[It's Friday I'm In Love]

"Saturday wait, and Sunday always comes too late. But Friday never hesitate..."
The Cure - Friday I'm in Love

I LOVE Friday!
Not that I have this lovey-dovey experience on Friday *I had once though, but past is a past =P* , to be exact..I'm in love with Friday, my favorite day of the whole week. *wink*

Friday, ends my tiring and boring days and starts my relieving and relaxing days. Though every Friday I need to wake up at 05:00 AM for my morning Mathematics class, no matter how dull my Friday opening is..in the end I know I'm gonna get this plenty time to relax. It really helps me cheer up, all those happy thoughts *power of mind, huh* .

Friday is like the peak of my week. I always think of Friday as my very free day, it opens the door to my freedom *lol*. I can stay up late doing my things (like watchin movies-dramas, read novels and mangas, sketch my ideas, etc.) for tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in as late as I want to.

Thank God it's Friday aight!? =)
The word Friday is also used in "Friday the 13th", I love 13..what a coincidence =P it's like I was meant to love Friday, gyahaahh!

P.S.: I found
that Robert Smith Betty Boop Goth T-Shirt on a local store with a very compromistic price, the blending color of the tee is just so cool, so glad when I accidentally found it..love the Cure, back to the 90s (or 80s?) ladies!
My accidentally got-in-the-shot pillow formed the shape of heart after I edited it, really meant to be neee!? ;D

*Check out Friday I'm in Love Cover by Dryden Mitchell, nice*


April 9, 2009

[Are We Human or Are We Dancer?]

"Human Nature- To Never Be Satisfied"

back back back after almost a week being absent~ got lotsa things to do lately, mostly stuck on my college assignments, which were tormenting. Enough of the intro then, let's proceed.

As an ordinary human, whose eyes always fill with hunger of seeing and wanting many things, i hereby announce the update to my recent most wanted list *evil laugh*:
Lomo Diana


Check out the details at the given links, want those two so bad but too bad too bad Mr.PiggyBank hasn't got any fatter to fulfill my wish.

Credit goes to my beloved friend, who's now domiciling in Taiwan, who kind-heartedly shared info bout' these two little gorgeous things. Love and hatred to you girl.


April 3, 2009

[Frame of Eyes]

"Sunglasses Hide a Multitude of Sin

A quote from Posh which I have an agreement with. Shades do help you hide all those weary-puffy eyes besides protecting them from UV ;P

But is that all? What about sunglasses or glasses as a fashion statement? I think Posh nails that issue damn well.
Besides her shoes and Hermes bags, big shades also take part in glamming up her style. Two thumbs up!

Also which I'm sure all you guys notice, sunglasses and glasses nowadays come with different sizes style etc. And it does really help in maximizing style as various shades available for each and every stylish characters out there.

I disagree with people sayin' that you just need one stylish simple sunglasses/glasses to fit in with all of your outfits. I think you need plenty, bcos every different outfits deserve a different touch of style to avoid boredom. Besides, it need to be suited with the occasions also. It's such a waste to be given many options of style out there but u just stick at one.

Here's my mini collection :

Aviator - SpEX ;Kanye West's - Local ;White Aviator - Topshop ;Tortoise Readers - Marc Jacobs
Encircle shades - Urban Outfitters ;Tortoise oversized - Guess ;Geeky glasses - H&M ;Geeky Crystal - Forever 21
Red wayfare - Forever 21 ;Tortoise & Black readers - locals ;Black-Red wayfare - Forever 21


April 2, 2009

[Corner of Fame]

"I'm not an actor, I'm not a star. And I don't even have my own car."

Hi, back for a lil' update since my health is not at its peak. Last night, got this i dunno came from where cold that only gave me bout 3 hours night sleep only, it was killin' my day.
But revenge is just beautiful, i took a 6-hours nap today *lol* and it's finally gettin' better, at least i can breath normally now ;P

Here's a little thing I did to my room yesterday, updated my little own corner of fame.

*I won an award for Best Friend category on a movie titled "Soloist", ironic huh!?=P*

Got this stuffs when I was visiting my sis in LA back then in Oct'o7. Talkin bout' my visit that time, got this really pathetic story of me and Depp's star on Walk of Fame.
On my last day of visit, I went to Walk of Fame JUST to get a portrait of Depp's star. Unfortunately, it was under re-construction T_T.] I flied 8,984 miles for nothin but a photo of Depp's star surrounded by construction lines *dramatic*

When I was back in LA last summer, i also didn't get the opportunity to visit Walk of Fame since it was a crowd and hard to get a parking space. *huff*


April 1, 2009


"A cup of tea to close the day."

I love Tea =)
I got this addiction about 3years ago. At first, i had no interest in tea, not at all, though i've been drinking it since my childhood, cos in my family we have this habit of starting the day with "sweet tea" as a good luck sign *lol*. Just a mixture of chinese red tea and sugar, says that sugar is good for energy *lols*. Prefer my tea w/o any addition, plain and original.

My first interest in tea emerged as i often visited japanese restaurants where they serve green tea お茶, as the best companion to the foods. The taste of green tea blends well with the food and it really helps to neutralize the queasiness you get from eating too much sushi.

By then, i started to try many different kinds of tea. I find it really interesting bcos there's just so much to know about - up til' now.
I usually fill my day by havin' cups of tea, accompanying me doin my things. There's absolutely no day without at least a cup of tea.
For me, the first sip of the tea gives the most relaxing feeling.
Recently, i have my own term called "Happy Hour" where i enjoy reading my Twilight Saga every night accompanied by a cup of Earl Grey *my fave*, i've done this since 5months ago *lol*

So far, my favorite brand of tea is TWINNINGS. The fusion meets my taste and it offers me lots of selection. Actually I have this kinda silly intention, that I'm gonna try all Twinnings' tea selections within this year..hahah
So far, I've tried

Classics : English Breakfast, Traditional Afternoon
Light Classics : Darjeeling, Ceylon
Aromatics : Chai, Earl Grey, Organic Earl Grey
Fresh & Fruity :blueberry apple, strawberry mango, blackcurrant ginseng vanilla
A Moment of Calm : Pure Camomile, Camomile Lemon Flowers, Cinnamon Spiced Apple, Lemongrass Lavender
Green Tea : Javanese Green Tea, Green Tea Jasmine, Green Tea Earl Grey, Green Tea apple, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Orange, Green Tea Mint
Cleanse : Pure Peppermint
(*italic are my faves*)

Wish to have this small garden where I can enjoy my tea time with my favorite teacup set and my favorite pastries like in the old English time.
I'm enjoying a cup of Darjeeling now =)


[Oversize is not Overtime]

"Overall, it's just overprice - for now."

Recently, have the mood to update my blog~
So, where shud i start, humm..still talkin about my targeted item for this season.

I found this
broken-white oversize blazer in Zara *on the same day i found the vest*.
The funny part is that i just found MK wearin' it the day before, and of course she looked fabulous as always. Then, i ran into this blazer that looked like one that MK's wearin. At that moment all i cud think of was
"I've got to get this one", like it was meant for me *lol*

BUT, unfortunately due to shortage in cash..i've gotta postpone my intention *ugh*. All i cud do just gave it a try at that time.

With the vest and blazer, need to fatten up my piggy bank *YOSH!*

Here's a little preview before it's officially mine, lookin' forward to that day.

can't wait to mix&match it!

MK *my inspi'*
isn't she fabulous!?