June 24, 2009

[Let It Rock, Vivienne]

"Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die"

Vivienne Westwood, one hell of a rare fashion designer, unique to be precised.
Honestly, I w
as not very fond of her design before, but I am now especially for Westwood's accessories design.

I found them interesting while I was reading this manga "NANA ナナ".
The characters wear a lot of Viviene
Westwood, for the accessories in particular. The manga "NANA ナナ" was inspired a lot by collaboration of Westwood and The Sex Pistols' punk look; all those bondage gear, safety pins, razor blades, bicycle chains on clothing and spiked dog collars for jewelry, combines w/ outrageous gothic make-up and hair, and tartan fabric essentially.
As we all know, this punk style is still quite influential nowadays. I myself quite put a liking in this style, more and more after I read NANA ナナ. *by the way, I recommend you guys to read it. Love the storyline ;) You can read the mangascan at www.onemanga.com*

Months ago, I was browsing for Westwood's stuff and found these couple of eye-catching items. But as thought, way too costly for a hell of way too unique designs. Wish Santa will come thru my window or else -have no chimney anyway- one day to give me these items *AMEN!*


Armour Silver Ring £170.00 *OMG*
It was worn by both Nana in manga and real movie *played by Nakashima Mika*

Mini Bas Pearl Bracelet £75.00 *OMG*

Classic Mini Bas Earrings £60.00 *OMG*

And this is the item
I want the most...

Orb Lighter Limited
though I don't smoke, somehow I find this lighter super cool..it works as a necklace too. Sold out everywhere, all you can get is the used one *wew*

It was worn by Shin
, who was only 15/16 actually..kids today huh!? fictionally ;p

Here's a little punksoul within me:

Just a little mix&match of something old and new:
1. Loose torn blouse
2. Sequins Vest - Mango
3. High Waisted washed denim - Mom's 80's vintage ;)
4. London pair Flats - Japan
5. Tartan Bag - South Korea


June 10, 2009

[Straight Gone Curly]

"People with straight hair wish they had curly hair, and people with curly hair wish it were straight."

Yesterday, I decided to curl my hair. Actually, it's been decided since months ago when I saw this one hair style from this Japan's mags called ViVi - which I borrowed from my friend FYI ;p-

The original model isn't like this though. The original one is more simple, not curly to be exact but more to wavy.
But considering the length of my hair, to make it like the original I need to have the same length but unfortunately my hair was kinda layered and shorter on the front part.
Moreover, I have this type of super straight and smooth hair, so it's sort of difficult to make it curly, my hair just won't absorb the serum. So my hair-stylist decided to make it as puffy as possible to retain the curl. And it turned out well at first, super puffy!! Love it soO much!
However, it's getting loss and loss minute by minute hour by hour. The photos are all taken today, so it's been less puffy than it was yesterday.

Been thru' this the third time already :(
I've curled my hair before, once when it was elbow-length and once when it was shorter bob. Love to experiment with my looks thru' my hairstyle. Here is a lil' back2back preview:

*click to enlarge*

Even though I still have the warranty to re-curl, but I pity my hair for getting thru this damage :(
Hope this time my curl lasts, at least for 2-3 months ahead *cross fingers*


June 8, 2009

[Silver Lining]

"Hooray hooray, I'm your Silver Lining" (by Rilo Kiley)

Introducing : A Story of Not-so-Little Silver Riding Shoes

So, this is the story..

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was in desperately need for a pair of silver shoes to go with her fabulous sequins cardigan.
Months of months of shoe hunting, she finally landed on this one little "in hiding" shoes' shop.
There laid the silver sneakers, sparkling not only by its color but also by the magic it directly conveyed to the little girl's eyes. The little girl stood there speechless, blinded by the silvery gorgeous shoes. *please do cut me if I'm goin too over broad ;p*

Then she put herself altogether and took a step into the shop. Firstly, she asked how much did she need to give in order to get those shoes, sadly..the price was not making her happy. But, she decided to give it a try and toO bad toO bad..that was the only pair left, no.39 when all she needed was a pair of a 37.
After a minute of confusion, she then took the very right decision. What was it? She used the power of bargaining she got from her beloved mother *lol*. Since it was the only pair left, the little girl finally got the shoes she was looking for all this time with a compromising price.
The end.

These shoes was like my "glass shoes", extremely happy when I found it! YATTA!!

Straw Hat - Quicksilver
Sequins Cardigan - Zara Basic
Blue Denim Shirt - Mom's Closet
Ethnic Belt - NaNa
Floral flare skirt - Mango
Silver Sneakers - Bugis Junction

Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins ; Topshop ; F21

This is the final piece, what do you think? :) please do review..I appreciate it so much.


June 7, 2009

[Tea Garden Lament]

"I was sitting in a cafe, drinking some tea~"

Joker's Daughter - Jelly Belly

Too little too late, but better than never aight!? So, I got to listen to this great album 2months ago *thanks to passion of Indie's review*.

Turned out, I gave 5 outta 5 for this "Last Laugh" album by Joker's Daughter

To me personally, I
L-O-V-E IT! The music is kinda odd in positive meaning, really love the folk acoustic-gothic mixture. And of course I love the voice of Helena Costas, though it's not toO unique but somehow goes along with the music ;)

Besides the theme of this album suits my "AddicTEAdism" ...hahahah
When I'm listening to the songs, feels like I'm havin this kinda gothic weird garden tea party like ones Alice had in the Wonderland.

Here are my faves:
  1. Yellow Teapot
  2. Cake and July
  3. Lucid
  4. Jelly Belly
I do recommend this album to you guys, give it a try :)
Review: http://indiepassion.blogspot.com/search?q=joker%27s+daughter

I do not recommend this to you guys, I repeat..I DO NOT recommend this,
you can download the album in torrent format at www.mininova.org

Happy listening!


[Back to Back]

"Miss me? .. miss me not?"

I AM BACK *wink*
heiy heiy...I'm good I'm back. So sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy and yet moOdy lately.
WoO, it's been almost 2months I'm off the track..got lotsa lotsa things to update and share with u guys. Stay tuned for my latest updates, okay? ;)

Humm...first thing first, I'd like you guys to meet my special paL, the so called Mr.PiggyBank *lol*

After months of "feeding", finally he'll be FUNDful for this upcoming summer supersale...gyaaa!*don't worry mr.Pig, I'll make u skinny in no time ;p*

SoO..r u ready!? harhar..