June 24, 2009

[Let It Rock, Vivienne]

"Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die"

Vivienne Westwood, one hell of a rare fashion designer, unique to be precised.
Honestly, I w
as not very fond of her design before, but I am now especially for Westwood's accessories design.

I found them interesting while I was reading this manga "NANA ナナ".
The characters wear a lot of Viviene
Westwood, for the accessories in particular. The manga "NANA ナナ" was inspired a lot by collaboration of Westwood and The Sex Pistols' punk look; all those bondage gear, safety pins, razor blades, bicycle chains on clothing and spiked dog collars for jewelry, combines w/ outrageous gothic make-up and hair, and tartan fabric essentially.
As we all know, this punk style is still quite influential nowadays. I myself quite put a liking in this style, more and more after I read NANA ナナ. *by the way, I recommend you guys to read it. Love the storyline ;) You can read the mangascan at www.onemanga.com*

Months ago, I was browsing for Westwood's stuff and found these couple of eye-catching items. But as thought, way too costly for a hell of way too unique designs. Wish Santa will come thru my window or else -have no chimney anyway- one day to give me these items *AMEN!*


Armour Silver Ring £170.00 *OMG*
It was worn by both Nana in manga and real movie *played by Nakashima Mika*

Mini Bas Pearl Bracelet £75.00 *OMG*

Classic Mini Bas Earrings £60.00 *OMG*

And this is the item
I want the most...

Orb Lighter Limited
though I don't smoke, somehow I find this lighter super cool..it works as a necklace too. Sold out everywhere, all you can get is the used one *wew*

It was worn by Shin
, who was only 15/16 actually..kids today huh!? fictionally ;p

Here's a little punksoul within me:

Just a little mix&match of something old and new:
1. Loose torn blouse
2. Sequins Vest - Mango
3. High Waisted washed denim - Mom's 80's vintage ;)
4. London pair Flats - Japan
5. Tartan Bag - South Korea