July 18, 2009

[MidSummer Tea]

"I'm still waiting for my yellow teapot and my flying carpet~"

Joker's Daughter - Yellow Teapot

A cup of tea
dear in this midsummer night, with a little company of the summer breeze.

Finally, I've got my new tea set :)

Pretty yet energizing right!? Adore the color, suits my summer theme.
Came across this new tea set when I was wandering alone at the mall. Fell in love right at the first sight *aww*. Unfortunately
, it didn't come in a set, only the cups and saucers available. However I decided to take it, since fortunately I have these teapot and tray which match these little cute teacups in a great way if I may say. Yosh!

I'd completed my new tea set since two weeks ago actually, but just haven't got the chance to use it cos' my kinda hectic summer classes' schedule, seems like there wasn't any relax feeling with it.
And finally these days has come, where I can sit there, relax, enjoying my cup of tea with my new tea set without any burden to think of but my holiday. *Ah-ah-ahe!*

My yellow teapot and friends:
*arent't they cute!?

This tea ware inspired me of a little outing outfit for tea drinking ;)

*Denim Vest - Mom's Closet
*360 Yellow Skirt - Own handmade
*Lady Brooch - Mom's Closet
*Lashes - Shu Uemura

Have a nice summer holiday y'all..especially to those who joined me in summer classes, freedom guys! Ahey!


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