December 28, 2011

[Happy Christmas 2011: O Christmas Tree]

So this is Christmas and what have you done
Another year over and a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one, the old and the young

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear ♪♫

I hope it was not late to wish all of you a very merry Christmas
And hope Santa gave you what you've wished for.  This is what I love about Christmas: the joy of giving (and gifts) :p
My Santa did give me what I wish for.  Thanks daddy, mommy, and guys do know how to spoil me *teehee* I surely will cherish them all with all my heart

I was currently in Singapore, enjoying my long awaited holiday.  I've been dying for a break since my "± 6months of thesis-preparation", any kind of holiday will feel extremely good to me now.
While hoping and shopping around, I couldnt help but admire these interesting concepts of Christmas' trees ^^
 Heineken's Christmas Tree @ Clark Quay (the LCDs will show your face)

Gift Boxes Christmas Tree @ Mandarin Gallery

Macaron Christmas Tree @ La Maison du Canelé (my favorite )
Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree @ ION Food Opera (go recycling!)
Snowballs Christmas Tree @ Esplanade (so cute!)
Gifts Christmas Tree @ The Shoppes at MBS (if only this were my Christmas Tree :p)

I've never had the experience of decorating any Christmas tree in my whole life.  Maybe I should next year. Hmm, anyone care to join?

On the Christmas' eve, I joined my sister and her friends for a potluck. It was a fun experience and the foods were finger-licking good :)

*the red velvet cake from Cedele is toothsome #iCrave* 

Later that night, I had a "foursome" with Edward, Jacob, and Garrett and had myself a merry little Christmas' eve ♪♬
You should thank me for accompanying you watch that movie, Sis (or vice versa? *teehee*)
(the story behind the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn and I will be posted later :p)
My outfit that day somehow in theme with Breaking Dawn (the colors I mean) #notonpurpose
*I wasnt pickin my nose :|*
 Shirt-F21/Disco Jane on a Leash crossbody bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs/Rocking heels-Jeffrey Campbell/ALESSI by Karim Rashid Kaj watch

Yes, I finally got my 1st pair of JeffCamp *yatta!*   Btw, I'm in love w/ my sis' Alessi watch.  It's available in so many other eye-catching colors, I want :(
Confessions of a Shopaholic No.1: Crossed one item outta the wishlist, and yet another one is added...a never-ending list it is.

December 13, 2011


FINALLY! The deadline is over ♪♫
Yes, my dear thesis is done..officially done.  Today is the so called deadline, but I got it all wrapped up yesterday though.  Feels damn great, all the weights are lifted, no matter what the result may be~

The holiday mode is ON! Say yes to lazying around *YES!*
"(This holiday)I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
'Cause (this holiday) I swear I'm not doing anything
Nothing at all, nothing at all
Oh yes, I said it, I said it
I said it 'cause I can!"
*sok hipster*

Got this tee prepared by my lovely sis 2 years ago, she knew there will be a day that I'm gonna be able to wear it *LOL*

Hope I will update my blog this a more frequent manner :p

Happy Christmas from Grace :p

November 19, 2011

[Jakarta Fashion Week 2012: 1st expérience]

Congratulation to LaSalle Alumnis' Débutante

First of all, I'd like to thank Teresia Novelita (founder of Impromptu) for the opportunity she gave me that I could attend this show ♥ The opportunity, which I wasted...

I was fashionably LATE!
I'd like to blame it on my thesis that have me sailed on hard-ship these last 6 months, but nyeh..actually it was my own lousy time management that had get me in this unfortunate situation.
My actual seat was on the front row of the show.  I maintained getting a front row also in the end...right in front of the television located outside the show. :|
*right beside the ibu-ibu* 

Here are some of my favorites from the show, some that I successfully got a glimpse at while the models were off the runway (and from the lookbooks):
*credits to JFW 2012*

I'm in love with the sequined collar accent of Nine-12, collar collar fave. InkaFeska's sinfully top and Vatican belt are just fabulous, arent they?  And not to mention the playful colored bottoms from Coloriot, Impromptu, and Mimi Rue...the neon skirt, the turquoise culotte, and the orange trousers are a cute fall steal.  Also the statement accessories-play in Identité  

These are the ambiances of JFW 2012 Fashion Tent PP on that day (Nov 16th) that I succeeded to capture while sulking up for bein late.
Now that I think of it, I shud've captured the fashionistas attending the show.  there were a lot of them, each with their individual uber edgy style.  Another dumb mistake.  Guess I was too caught up in my own bad mood that I forgot to enjoy the moment *gah!*

However, my mood restored after meeting my "ex-classmates" at LaSalle *full-beam*

And I got to watch one of my friend's fashion show later that night, it was Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan's Dichotomy (Nokia Show)  All the shots I got were a complete blur, and there were some designs that I like but I cudnt found the photos :(

Congrats once again to you guys, lookin forward to your next collections ♥

and my outfit for the day was: collar+leather
Bow Sleeve Shirt-Dota Coko/Leather Skirt-H&M/Bow Belt-H&M/Neon Pumps-Fever/Rings- Marc by Marc Jacobs/Sling Bag-Mom's Vintage
*The sleeves are just irresistibly cute ♥*
Finally I got to wear my leather skirt :D

I wore my hair like Yoko Ono, what d'you guys think? :p 
*so random*
Make fashion, not war...ciao

October 23, 2011

[Wish List: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel]

Okay, my very 1st thought when I looked at this bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim F/W 2011 collection was: "wow Boston's twin!".
And many people did assume so, far before I did.  It must be the unique shark-effect feature that resembles those of Céline's.  If you take a glance on it, you'll get that kinda impression also of this bag.
However, after quite sometime, it offers a different feel from Céline's luggage totes.  This bag is more like "a school/work-bag meets edgy" kinda bag (like Mulberry Alexa, Proenza Schouler PS1, and Balenciaga Motorcycle).
What I love the most bout this bag is the zipper accent for the gussets.  Zip up: you get the formal look.  Zip down: voila you get the edgy and more space to put your abundant stuffs in. 2 looks in 1 bag!
As explained by Lim in stylebubble: "It stemmed from the idea of motorcycle bags, every detail has a function and it is ultimately a pragmatic bag.  It goes back to the lifestyle of the Phillip Lim girl – she is a working girl, she is real she wears things from day to night from day to day.  For me it is really important for the bag to work for the wearer and not the other way round."

It was great how Phillip Lim took the standout essence of the current IT bag and translated it into a whole different new bag, which actually does not feel that different (and is in a reasonable price range).

And just like other IT bag, this bag is also sold out, and unfortunately for its tempting jade green and navy blue colors. They are available for pre-order tho' *yay!*

*2 looks above are by stylebubble*

October 14, 2011

[Lunch Diary: Sisters' Union]

"Our roots say we're sisters, our hearts say we're friends...forever."

I have a lot of fun today. First, I finally tasted the so called "recommended  red velvet" from Union.  And most of all, I have a sister to share it with ♥
 Loewy's twin...
Pork Crackling Spaghetti *We ♥*
Duck Leg Confit
Red Velvet - A bite to die for *We ♥*
Coffee Latte

I'll definitely come back again for the red velvet, but I'm not sure I can say the same for the food (esp. the duck confit).  As for the ambiance, I'd like to say that it feels like NYC somehow. Love the glass-house concept, make it real nice for taking pictures on a sunny day

Our dress-code for today: "Red Velvet", with our individual casual style
♥ the collar and necklace combination 
Bow ring-Accessoria Nerve/Kelly Double Tour-Hermes
Lace Top-Topshop/Floral Top-Eann 9.1/Denim shorts-Pull&Bear/Flats-Zara/Chanel Mademoiselle Bowling Bag

"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." - Isadora James
There is no better friend than a sister.  And there is no better sister than you.
Will miss "spending quality time together" with you big sis

October 13, 2011

[Collar Me Bad]

collar |ˈkälər|
a band of material around the neck of a shirt, dress, coat, or jacket, generally an integral part of the garment.

Collar has been my favorite since I dunno when (..I root for the nerdy preppy look)
BUT lately, the detachable one has made me fallen even more for this item

Yes, you did not read it wrong...a detachable collar.  A collar that is not an integral part of a garment.
Recently, this item has grown even more (after its 1st introduction in Miu Miu SS Collection 2010) in the heart of the fashionistas.  It was spotted on magazines, fashion weeks-worn as a new form of accessory.
Thanks to Miuccia, now I have even more options to spice up my dull blouses.

I have had this item wrapped up nicely in my drawer for a year.  I bought it out of curiosity and I had to admit that it took a while for us to click :p
But the more I came to think bout it, basically it's just a cloth necklace, right?
Think of how many ways you could wear it

Here two of my recent looks sporting my new found accessory. Pardon the floral, I'm still in transition to Fall.  But I've embraced the colors at least :p
(Hint: Lots of momma's old goodies)
Pearl Collar - UrbanOutfitters
Floral Sheer Blouse-Forever21/Ruffle Skirts-Mom's Vintage/Belt-Mom's Vintage/MaryJane-Betsey Johnson/Bag-Mom's Vintage
Pearl Ring-Accessoria Nerve/Kaleidoscope Ring-Forever 21

 Jumpsuit-H&M/Loose Sweater-H&M/Widdianne Woven Clogs-Tory Burch
 Snake Ring-Diva/Copper Ring-Mango/Charm Bracelet-Accessoria Nerve

What do you think bout this whole detachable collar concept?