October 13, 2011

[Collar Me Bad]

collar |ˈkälər|
a band of material around the neck of a shirt, dress, coat, or jacket, generally an integral part of the garment.

Collar has been my favorite since I dunno when (..I root for the nerdy preppy look)
BUT lately, the detachable one has made me fallen even more for this item

Yes, you did not read it wrong...a detachable collar.  A collar that is not an integral part of a garment.
Recently, this item has grown even more (after its 1st introduction in Miu Miu SS Collection 2010) in the heart of the fashionistas.  It was spotted on magazines, fashion weeks-worn as a new form of accessory.
Thanks to Miuccia, now I have even more options to spice up my dull blouses.

I have had this item wrapped up nicely in my drawer for a year.  I bought it out of curiosity and I had to admit that it took a while for us to click :p
But the more I came to think bout it, basically it's just a cloth necklace, right?
Think of how many ways you could wear it

Here two of my recent looks sporting my new found accessory. Pardon the floral, I'm still in transition to Fall.  But I've embraced the colors at least :p
(Hint: Lots of momma's old goodies)
Pearl Collar - UrbanOutfitters
Floral Sheer Blouse-Forever21/Ruffle Skirts-Mom's Vintage/Belt-Mom's Vintage/MaryJane-Betsey Johnson/Bag-Mom's Vintage
Pearl Ring-Accessoria Nerve/Kaleidoscope Ring-Forever 21

 Jumpsuit-H&M/Loose Sweater-H&M/Widdianne Woven Clogs-Tory Burch
 Snake Ring-Diva/Copper Ring-Mango/Charm Bracelet-Accessoria Nerve

What do you think bout this whole detachable collar concept?


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