October 12, 2011

[Shanghai上海: Behind The Concrete Jungle]

It was 24〫C in Shanghai, my fam and I enjoyed Walking down the narrow lane of Tianzi Fang 田子坊 at Taikang Lu 泰康路 ('Art Street 艺术街') ♥ 

I look like a thief in action here =_=
"Finding Mr.Right"
Long Vest-H&M/Shirt-H&M/Shorts-H&M/Floral Oxford-Deena&Ozzy/Tory Burch Louisa Mini Shoulder Bag

Love the concept of this area, art district meets shopping area meets chillaxing spot ...
alley after alley...
 A recommended tea-store, tried one of its product called "Hakka-Tea". Lovin' it
 w/ me pops ♥
found this cute vintage-theme notebook at a store called "Life Fabric".
This shop somehow reminded me of those in Diagon Alley :p
hmm..an Indonesian owner?

Spotted a lot of nice places for hang out here...
The citizens' ride
Looks like Sadako will come out of it *brr*

Met a mid 50s couple who was photo hunting...so sweet.
got the wife's help takin this photo for us *thanks mam!*

I just let all the pictures above do the talking, hope you guys are as thrilled as I am about this place
(P.S.: for more info, visit www.taikanglu.com


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