October 12, 2011

[Go Turquoise]

Hello jello...
been so busy lately, do pardon me for the late updates :)
my thesis is like crawling all over my head, forming these gloomy clouds over my days.
Seriously..."Thesis, y u no auto-finished!?"

But today, I'm givin myself a break to update this blog..hah finally, doin something I love ♪♫

So, I go to the nearest Starbucks for a change of mood.  And it does not fail me...as always. I just freakin love Starbucks!
After that, I have a little walk on the park to sew up my refreshing day.  It feels real good ♥

I'm feeling turquoise today...it's been my fave color for fall this year  ♥
Satin Kimono-H&M/Shorts-Topshop/Woven Flats-Zara/Gucci Positano Tote
 Necklace-Accessoria Nerve/Ring-Accessoria Nerve/Bracelet-Topshop
 Love Starbucks and Topshop *o so random*
  get it *here*
 lovin these flats, unfortunately I bought 1 size down..blisters all over. Guess beauty is pain then...

got a great spot on the corner *yatta*

Random stuffs I had attached to my laptop (and bag)...
Got these 2 babies from my lovely sis :)

(P.S.:pardon the poor quality of the pictures, taken using phone-camera :()
See you on the next post, I'm planning on doing something fun tomorrow *fingers-crossed*
Kindly check out my previous post, please


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