November 19, 2011

[Jakarta Fashion Week 2012: 1st expérience]

Congratulation to LaSalle Alumnis' Débutante

First of all, I'd like to thank Teresia Novelita (founder of Impromptu) for the opportunity she gave me that I could attend this show ♥ The opportunity, which I wasted...

I was fashionably LATE!
I'd like to blame it on my thesis that have me sailed on hard-ship these last 6 months, but nyeh..actually it was my own lousy time management that had get me in this unfortunate situation.
My actual seat was on the front row of the show.  I maintained getting a front row also in the end...right in front of the television located outside the show. :|
*right beside the ibu-ibu* 

Here are some of my favorites from the show, some that I successfully got a glimpse at while the models were off the runway (and from the lookbooks):
*credits to JFW 2012*

I'm in love with the sequined collar accent of Nine-12, collar collar fave. InkaFeska's sinfully top and Vatican belt are just fabulous, arent they?  And not to mention the playful colored bottoms from Coloriot, Impromptu, and Mimi Rue...the neon skirt, the turquoise culotte, and the orange trousers are a cute fall steal.  Also the statement accessories-play in Identité  

These are the ambiances of JFW 2012 Fashion Tent PP on that day (Nov 16th) that I succeeded to capture while sulking up for bein late.
Now that I think of it, I shud've captured the fashionistas attending the show.  there were a lot of them, each with their individual uber edgy style.  Another dumb mistake.  Guess I was too caught up in my own bad mood that I forgot to enjoy the moment *gah!*

However, my mood restored after meeting my "ex-classmates" at LaSalle *full-beam*

And I got to watch one of my friend's fashion show later that night, it was Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan's Dichotomy (Nokia Show)  All the shots I got were a complete blur, and there were some designs that I like but I cudnt found the photos :(

Congrats once again to you guys, lookin forward to your next collections ♥

and my outfit for the day was: collar+leather
Bow Sleeve Shirt-Dota Coko/Leather Skirt-H&M/Bow Belt-H&M/Neon Pumps-Fever/Rings- Marc by Marc Jacobs/Sling Bag-Mom's Vintage
*The sleeves are just irresistibly cute ♥*
Finally I got to wear my leather skirt :D

I wore my hair like Yoko Ono, what d'you guys think? :p 
*so random*
Make fashion, not war...ciao