April 9, 2009

[Are We Human or Are We Dancer?]

"Human Nature- To Never Be Satisfied"

back back back after almost a week being absent~ got lotsa things to do lately, mostly stuck on my college assignments, which were tormenting. Enough of the intro then, let's proceed.

As an ordinary human, whose eyes always fill with hunger of seeing and wanting many things, i hereby announce the update to my recent most wanted list *evil laugh*:
Lomo Diana


Check out the details at the given links, want those two so bad but too bad too bad Mr.PiggyBank hasn't got any fatter to fulfill my wish.

Credit goes to my beloved friend, who's now domiciling in Taiwan, who kind-heartedly shared info bout' these two little gorgeous things. Love and hatred to you girl.



  1. Nintendo DualScreen
    i want one too~ >_<~

  2. ahahahah~ you owe me~~
    saya udah mau beli holga lho jengg~~XDD