September 21, 2012

[(X) S.M.L Annual Show 12/13: "Tomorrow Land"]

Last Friday night, 2012/09/14, I had a (almost) great time attending (X) S.M.L Annual Show 12/13 "Tomorrow Land" at Fairgrounds, SCBD *thanks lovely Loren for the invitation*

Dun get me wrong, the show was fantastic.  However, the evening would be perfect if I just remembered to bring my camera with me, which unfortunately I did not. 
So, there I was, trying to savor every moment of the event with just my iPhone 4 5MP camera.

All dressed-up and queuing to get into the so-called Terminal (X) S.M.L departing for Tomorrow Land
The invitation / "passport"

Once inside the "gate"....
The friend that I dragged to accompany me to the show. Thanks, Andrew Lie! 
(We accidentally matched in denim. Go denim!)
Tried my best to capture the à la mode moment of the crowd that evening...and here they are, enjoy! (do pardon the poor quality, iPhone 4's camera just dont work well with insufficient lighting)
The person queuing in front of me gave me an interesting detail to shoot.  It's "Devil Wears Prada" in case you find it hard to read.
A fall-must-have: metallic  
It brings this elegant Lady Dior bag into a whole new level and most of all, suits the evening theme of futuristic Tomorrow Land very well.
It's not "hype" without Studs and Spikes

For more "sartorial moment", visit:
 Our sartorial moment captured by Fahad from -Fabulous-Famous-Fashion-Fierce-Friend-Fuck-Fun-
(Aww, the quality of a DSLR Camera)

And at 7PM-ish, the departure for flight XSML1209 was announced...and so the journey to Tomorrow Land began.
The collection was started with light hues which gradually getting darker towards the end the show.
Colors like white, khakis, and coral were seen dominating the opening pieces.  A hint of light blue or minty green was also spotted complementing these earthy-tone pieces.
In the middle, the pieces started to give a bold and stronger vibe with the usage of darker shades such as purple and dark gray.  And finally towards the finale pieces that were mostly dominated by black.

And one that have been (X) S.M.L signature style, which is its asymmetrical design that incorporates different cut of materials or colors, was also seen throughout the collection that evening.

There was this idea of wearing their jackets upside-down, which was proposed quite often during the presentation that I found it quite intriguing and prolly worth-a-try.
However, it was the heels and some of the flowy sheer finale pieces that captured my heart the most.  Definitely gonna get them once they're available.

 For more photos of the  F/W'12 collection, visit:
>> Gabriella Olivia <<

The details of the outfit I wore to this event will be up in my next post.

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