April 1, 2009

[Oversize is not Overtime]

"Overall, it's just overprice - for now."

Recently, have the mood to update my blog~
So, where shud i start, humm..still talkin about my targeted item for this season.

I found this
broken-white oversize blazer in Zara *on the same day i found the vest*.
The funny part is that i just found MK wearin' it the day before, and of course she looked fabulous as always. Then, i ran into this blazer that looked like one that MK's wearin. At that moment all i cud think of was
"I've got to get this one", like it was meant for me *lol*

BUT, unfortunately due to shortage in cash..i've gotta postpone my intention *ugh*. All i cud do just gave it a try at that time.

With the vest and blazer, need to fatten up my piggy bank *YOSH!*

Here's a little preview before it's officially mine, lookin' forward to that day.

can't wait to mix&match it!

MK *my inspi'*
isn't she fabulous!?


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