October 2, 2009

[Batik-Heritage of Indonesia]

"Mbatik manah - drawing a batik design on the heart."

On Oct. 2, Indonesia finally got the world recognition for one of its most significant unique culture- the culture of Batik.
To celebrate this significant achievement in Indonesia culture history, many of the Indonesians proudly wore Batik on the day of recognition by the UNESCO (which is acknowledged as the Batik Day now).

This recognition is major especially for Indonesia fashion industry. Indonesia designers are challenged to bring out different themes for this esthetically-high fabric, other than the traditional one. Not that the traditional look of Batik is out-to-date or boring, it still bears the exquisite heritage of Indonesian beauty.
However, designers ought to think outside the box of heritage beauty, what could be brought out of this traditional fabric which screams modern and sophisticated. By having various style of design in Batik will enrich our Batik culture, and also makes Batik more suitable for any kind of occasions, any generation which lead to growth in usage of Batik itself. Many Indonesian designers are into this issue nowadays. Some of my favorites are Kanaya Tabitha, Anne Avantie, and Oscar Lawalata. Check out Kanaya's heritage/batik collection, so chic..not bad for Indonesia designers *wink*

My classmates and I also participated wearing Batik in unison on Oct 2. This is what I threw on..

Big thanks to my dearest mom for providing all these fabulous vintage clothes
Cotton Batik - Mom's Closet
Acid-washed Denim Pencils - Mom's Closet

*courtesy of morning dew*

The more people wear Batik, the more preserved this culture. So, starts collecting Batik now, especially "Made in Indonesia" Batik :)


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  1. ahe. you looked extremely slim on the second photo! haha.
    great photoshoot. the background matched you outfit :):)