September 25, 2009

[MIKA, You're Inspirational!]

"You should be as free as you want."

Mika - Good Gone Girl


Who's the reigning "Queen" of Pop?

Yes, the hell he's still reigning though it's been 2years since his 1st album "Life in Cartoon Motion".
Now finally he's back with his 2nd album that I've been dying to hear, "The Boy Who Knew Too Much".

MIKA brought this quite new different atmosphere to the music world, with his falsetto high-pitched Freddie Mercury sound and his creativity in making you feel all the colors there are in his music. Listening to Mika's songs really can balloon my spirit and make me see the reality in a more positive encouraging way.
Like what he conveys through his single on the 1st album "Big Girl, You Are Beautiful". This song really match the phrase "Big is Beautiful", and actually has been quite meaningful to me personally :)
Moreover, on his 2nd album with the single "We are Golden", again he encourages us through the his inspirational lyric to have more confident in ourselves, just be ourselves, no matter from which background we come from, we are all special- we are golden!

Though his style is sometimes considered "silly" but to me his music defined what I call the freedom to express yourself, without hesitation. He brings these fresh, cheerful, rosy songs that are ready to lighten up my dull days.
He cud be brown, he cud be blue, he cud be violet sky, he cud be purple, he cud be anything you like ;)
Thanks MIKA, I love you :)

I heart almost all of his songs, I could like go hyper listening to one track and suddenly turn emo on the next track. Really bring out all my emotion *lol*. By the way, these are my MOST faves:

Grace Kelly
Love Today
Happy Ending
Big Girl, You Are Beautiful
We Are Golden
Good Gone Girl
Blue Eyes
Lover Boy
By The Time

Have you had your MIKA's albums? If you haven't, better go get one or two or three or how many you like *lol*

P.S.: Buy the original album, stop piracy ;p

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