October 25, 2009

[Broken and White]

"Oversize still, yet not way overtime."

Straw Hat - Quicksilver
Over sized Blazer - Zara
Brittle Gray Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Heels - Naning

Finally, yes finally..I'd got to wear this dreamy blazer of mine.

Found it on
April, bought it on June, wore it on October. Yeah gotta admit it, had quite a story with this blazer.

"So, what's the story behind it, Grace?"
Thank you for asking, and here's the story: *a two-way monologue =_=*

So I've mentioned about this blazer on my previous April post: [Oversize is not Overtime]
. And finally after 2 months of patience, the time that I'd been waiting for finally came: Zara Summer Sale, hurry got my ass to Zara.
However, my journey of getting this blazer was quite a disappointment, cos' every Zara I went in, turned out did not have either this model or the size.
Yet how did I get this blazer at the end? Gotta thank momma then, she was the one who found it, just the right model and the right size, on this one miraculous day while she was out with her friend. ;p
and it was on sale too fortunately, hmm..nice~
And again, same old story happened, couldn't find the right shoes to go with it. So I retained from wearing it until I found the perfect one, just didn't wanna ruin the whole concept :(
and yeah indeed I found the shoes, on Yahoo's auction TW, so I asked my friend,
lovely Triyana, to order it for me but I had to be patient for..another 3 months. *sigh*


and in the end, it was a happy ending story, I finally got it all on October, the 24th to be exact. Strolled it round the mall right away. *yay!*

*Happy Birthday Vonny ♥*

Heart this blazer so much, and still got another concept to go with this blazer but still in process of collecting all the items. So, just wait ;)


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