July 14, 2011

[Hey, It's Summer 2011]

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"Having troubles telling how I feel but I can't blog, blog, blog;
couldn't possibly tell you how I mean, but I can't blog, blog, blog~"

That was how I used to feel..these past year and a half since my last update. Do pardon me and these fingers of mine that were too lazy to type and this little brain of mine.
I'm just kidding, the true reason is my passion of blogging was on her vacation, so I couldnt blog without her existence *it's a she by the way*
Now that my passion of blogging has got back from her vacation, I can start blogging aga
in effective immediately.

Today, I officially open this blog again for public, I welcome and thank all of you who are interested in reading my blog and to those who think that this blog isnt just some craps *teehee*

So, let's start! Am excited *high-pitched*

Two days ago, I came across this 1 item that directly went in my summer 2011 must have items. So I was flipping thru Harper's Bazaar while enjoying my afternoon tea at Kaffeholic (PIK) *FYI it's a nice and cozy cafe*, and there it was
ChloĆ© Leather Ballerina Flats for RTW Spring/Summer 2011 by Hannah Macgibbon ♥

"Mommy, I wanna be a ballerina," that was what I had in my mind when I 1st saw these shoes. I googled it right away and there are actually many colors available (available here and here).
But my heart already fell for this beige color, the color is neutral..definitely will go with any outfits and personally wont accentuate my dumbo jumbo ankles. I bet it's gonna be like super comfy and super awesome *sub
jective comment*
Here's the look on the runway:

Link*check the complete collection at www.style.com*

However, summer almost ends tho', I guess I can move this to my fall wishlist..I'll patiently wait for the summer sale, hope this item will still be in stock *fingers-crossed*
*Thank God we only have 2 seasons in the SouthEast*

Well then, with this shoes, I already have 2 must have items for my fall wishlist. He
re's the other one:
Jeffrey Campbell's Ophelia Platform Boot

*available here*

Isn't it gorgeous? Imagine wearing it with ur motive sheer tight or socks and denim cutoff shorts.

Hope that I've got a pocket "full of sunshine" to satisfy this "handful" list of mine *teehee*

And so, we've come to the end of my 1st post, I dont wanna end up blabbering all these random ideas in 1 post.
See u ..like on the next post that will come up soon before long.

P.S.: What do you think of the new blog design? :)



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