July 16, 2011

[Brunch Diary: Social House]

"God, I love brunch!" - Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother Season 2, Episode 5)

So, couple days ago, my sis and I decided to have brunch *it's her favorite meal of all time FYI*. We had 2 options at that time: Social House (SoHo) or Koi, rumor has it..both serve fantastic brunch. In consideration to the traffic (...and it's hard to live in hard to live in the city♪♫), we finally decided to go with our 1st option: SoHo.

We arrived there around 03:00 PM, and unfortunately brunch or "Breakfast Favorites" as they call it in SoHo was over after 3. We, especially me, felt so disappointed in the 1st place, since we especially went there to test the eggs benedict, we heard that it is the best eggs benedict in town and we were utterly tempted! However, our wishes to try SoHo's Eggs Benedict did come true ♥ *after some attempts* Therefore, we rated the service excellent *no wonder they charge 10% for it*

Smoke Salmon Eggs Benedict *We *

And we got buy 1 get 1 promo from HSBC credit card for "Social Hours" Menu Set :)

Tapas Sampler

Afternoon Tea Set

Homemade Grandma's Lemon Ice Tea *We *

In our opinion, the presentation for "social hours" menu set can be better, and for the taste itself..it was just okay. But we highly recommend u to try the eggs benedict and the homemade grandmas's ice tea, they were good as in good good *hype* Overall, the restaurant offers great atmosphere and it's a nice place to hang out day and night with a great view of the city.

Btw, I personally find the "to-go" box interesting :)

P.S. from my sis: Avoid the Hangover "Breakfast Favorites" menu. 

*For more info, visit Social House Website

That day, I decided to go with boho look as I'm dying to take my new floral sheer kimono for a stroll. One thing I love bout summer kimono: chic yet comfortable.

At SoHo's wine cellar

Floral Print Sheer Kimono - Topshop
Lace Top - Mom's vintage
Denim Shorts - Pull and Bear
Wooden Necklace - Accessoria Nerve *here*
Sandals - Basto
Balenciaga City in Seigle (Fall 2010)