February 9, 2014

[Wish List: Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch]

Anya Hindmarch, following the footsteps of her fellow designers, such as Margiela and Olympia, has claimed yet another item from our secret snack stash.  They already have the candy wrapper and gummy bear in the we're-not-gonna-judge-you-for-omnomnoming-such-food land, and now it's time for a package of delish crisps (...or potato chips) to cross over.

Hindmarch's idea of of creating luxurious versions of everyday objects resulted in a 18 x 13 x 4 cm Crisp Packet Clutch that has taken the shape of a pack of Walker's crisps (heard it was the Salt&Vinegar flavour...another reason to love this clutch)Hindmarch calls it a “perfect little clutch and actually a little piece of art. It is really modern, and a forever classic, I think.”
Check out the elaborate design and craftsmanship this little piece of art went through before hitting the market here.

This GBP995 per 500 g crisp clutch
comes in 4 metallic hues: London Blue, Orange, Pale Gold and Silver, with a suede lining and detachable chain strap.

The shiny nature of its metallic colour and its petite size make this clutch the perfect evening bag
for you who's bored of the conventional ones.  And for those, who were born to take place under the limelight, this will be just the right bag to make all the heads turn your way...have this metallic piece to finish up your casual look for that extra crisp.

And just a normal human being, I am, who has a soft spot for such an eye-candy...I, too, crave to have this clutch on my snack shelf alongside my MMM x H&M candy-wrapper clutch.
But, I guess it won't be happening soon, since the waiting list for this clutch is so long that the first time it hit the store...sold out in just 3 hours.  However, no worry, the next drop is in mid-March. So, start saving up and wait in list, ladies! 

Available online via Anya Hindmarch


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