January 12, 2012

[Wish List: Made in England]

A Cambridge satchel + a pair of Dr Martens Vintage 1460 = Purrfect

These two are my most favorite items right now that I'm dying to get so badly.  And they were both made in England.

I've been wanting to have a pair of Dr Martens since forever, but I always end up indecisive, dunno which one to get.  But I've made up my mind now, it's between the 1460 or 1461.

In my tweet, I mentioned about this Cambridge satchel! I spotted it in this store called Cumulus at Wheelock Place, Orchard.  It was love at the 1st sight. . .
Err actually, the love at the 1st sight was at Dr Martens' store..just a couple stores from Cumulus :p
(FYI, Cambridge Satchel Company do collaborate with Dr Martens recently for
F/W 2011 collection.  I would like to say it is a pure British collaboration indeed.) 
Spotted the classic one (in B/W) at Dr Martens, with a "Dr Martens" embossing.  However, I let that one slipped cos' I found it troublesome-to-open.
BUT..I took back my opinion right away after I saw these babies from the fluoro collection.  I certainly must have this bag, the neons are calling!!
And what I love most is that you can customize your own bag by having it embossed (usually w/ your name or initial)

Now, I'm torn between the fluoro yellow/pink/orange.  I'm still weighing on which color should I get and what should I emboss on the bag.  I suck big time in making decision.  A little help, please?

All I can say that this Cambridge satchel is damn tempting, it comes in many colors *drools*  Having more than 1 wont hurt I guess *teehee*
Confessions of a shopaholic no.2:  One is never enough, I always want more.  If I could, I'd buy the whole collection.

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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment!

    Satchels are sooo lovely! I used too love Doc Martens a lot.

    Love Katrien
    From http://bowsarecute.blogspot.com/