August 26, 2011

[Brunch Diary: Loewy]

"Never leave well enough alone."

*oops..misspelling spotted*

Dear brunch lovers, I'm back with another review of brunching out in Jakarta. Aye, it's Loewy this time :)
I picked out this restaurant cos I heard (or read somewhere) that this place offers great casual ambiance in the center of Jakarta city. And I do agree cos that was the first exact impression I got when I entered Loewy. Its d├ęcor gives me the feel of old-fashioned diner which conveys its cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The variety of the brunch menu is not much and offered in a very simple and classic manner (no fancied things up, even for the F&Bs presentation). It's fine anyway.
Eggs Benedict


Beef Steak and Scrambled Egg

Raspberry and Peach Iced Tea

And for the taste...(in my opinion)
I'm sorry to say that it was as plain as the presentation. We (my friends and I) had ordered as recommended, but they turned out just okay like in no memorable taste or what so ever. The same applies for its dinner menu (confessions from friends - Mr. and Mrs. X)
Read quite reviews mentioning the bad service, fortunately we didnt get that kind of treatment.

Despite the price and taste, Loewy is a nice spot for chillax-ing, especially at night. It turns out to be more like a bar in the evening, and I heard the drinks are quite good.

*For more info, visit Loewy Website
With Crystal *hug*

my lovely ladies

And yes! I wore my orange blazer, got it in a affordable price with fine quality when I visited HK, China. Totally in with it. Still in my summer mood with a little inspiration from Miss Serena Van der Woodsen.

Orange Blazer - Mode/Graphic Romper - H&M/Ring - Forever 21/Coral Necklace/Kelly Double Tour in Taupe/Ankle Boots - Report/Balenciaga City in Seigle (Fall 2010)

The next stop would be
or Koi probably *winkwink*

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