September 20, 2011

[Shanghai 上海: In With The Old and The New]

"When the old meets new..."

Well well well..another out and about in Shanghai
Put on my cozy floral shirt-dress, slipped into my dearest clogs, got a lil' Jackie O with my round sunglasses, and topped it all with a bowler hat...I was ready to roam the still-hot-like-wow Shanghai.  Shanghai just hadnt embraced the mood for fall yet I guess.

Anyway, here's something old...
My fam and I visited The Jade Buddha Temple 玉佛禅寺, heard that it is the most famous Buddhist Temple in Shanghai (for its two white jade Buddha statues from Burma).  No wonder they charged RMB 20 for the admission ticket :p
Besides the magnificent statues (I was not allowed to take photograph *boo-ya*), the temple was pretty much the same like other temples.  However, there was something that I found interesting.
 "The Incenses"
So these incenses are sold in the store inside the temple.  The types are based on what you're gonna pray or wish for, like on the pic above there are for health and longevity (健康长寿), luck and peace (吉祥平安), wish comes true (心想事成).
I found  this concept quite odd and creative somehow.  Actually if you give it a thought, any kind of incense is fine tho', the heart and faith that matter. However, way to go to the manufacturer, nice marketing strategy!
 My mom got me this one and I loved the color

This was for real... 

Floral Shirt Dress-H&M/Widdianne Woven Clogs-Tory Burch/Flower Ring-F21/Braided Belt-Topshop/Round Sunglasses-UrbanOutfitters/Tory Burch Louisa Mini Shoulder Bag

And something new...
My sis and I came across this cool concept store in Super Brand Mall (Pudong) called O2 Shop + Cafe.
As you can see, it's a clothing/book/art store/cafe.  Lovin the whole minimalist and highlighting on recycling concept (I prefer to call it "Muji-ish" concept :p). Wish I had time to sit there and just enjoy the cozy ambiance, but my schedule was tight.  Gotta try it next time! *Special thanks to the storekeeper for letting us took pictures *  

Ciao bella

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