August 8, 2012

[Nails Diary: Patriotic Nails in the 2012 London Olympics]

2012 London Olympics Beauty Fact:
There is a pop up nail art salon conveniently set up (by
celebrity manicurist Sophy Robson and P&G) in the Olympic Village, where the Olympians can go to get any one of 200 different nail designs.  

Beauty knows no bound, indeed.
Well, isnt it exciting watching these female Olympians using nail art to make their own beauty statement as well as express their patriotism ♥
And, what's a better way to flaunt a medal than by holding it up with a perfectly manicured hand #sotrue

Inspired by these patriotic ladies and the upcoming Independent's Day of Indonesia (Aug 17th), I decided to create my own patriotic beauty statement.
NYX White - China Glaze Electrify - Sally Hansen Salon Manicure All Fired Up

Nothing more distinct used as a nation's ID than the nation's flag itself.
So, having Sangsaka Merah Putih (the name of our beloved Indonesia Flag *here*) as the theme,  I have all my nails (except the one in ring finger) french manicured with the Flag.
As for the ring finger nail, I used my favorite Electrify from China Glaze the Capitol Collection as a base to my red&white triangle, to create this fiery torch-light effect. Why? To portray the patriotic spirit

P.S.: I used the help of tape to create the french manicure and triangles, for a neat finish 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial...
Ciao and happy Independent's Day, Indonesia

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