July 2, 2012

[The Amazing Peplum]

Yet, another "amazing" filled up a weekend of mine...
Have you watched the Amazing Spider Man? Well I have.  And it is, indeed,
amazing! So is Andrew Garfield and his pow wow build wandering thru the NYC's buildings #hystericallymelting
Not to mention Emma Stone and her girl-next-door persona that completes this amazing-duo

Anyhow, my outfit inspi' hailed from neither the hero nor the heroine of this movie, but the actually-not-that-evil villain: The Lizard
Grew attached to my "O.P.I Spotted The Lizard" nail polish (see my outlined nails' post *here*), I opted to dress up around the theme.
Peplum Top-DotaCoko/Capri Pants-Zara/Cluch-Matt&Natt/Ring-M Phosis
Gotta stack, stack, and stack!
My neck-candy ♥ (Metal Balls Necklace + Mango's Layered Beads Necklace + Beaded V-Neck Necklace)
 P.S.: Cant help but embracing this currently-lingering trend of peplum top (especially when it's combined with a princess line seam)


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