July 1, 2012

[Concert Diary: The A-MRAZ-ING Tour is A Four Letter Word]

Jason Mraz Tour is a Four Letter Word Concert: I came, I saw, I listened ~♪♫♥

When there is love, Jason Mraz cant wait to talk bout it. When it comes to fashion, I cant wait to talk bout it.

Decided to rock the night in my favorite and comfy chambray jumpsuit. There's nothing friendlier to your skin other than lightweight fabric if goin to outdoor concert, especially on summer (...or at tropical climate places)
Replaced my usual necklace fiesta with halter tank, dun wanna have all these wore-off metal stains from color-plated accessories all over my neck, that was mostly triggered by sweats FYI. Besides, halter tank can give quite a touch to your neckline,also it's good for hanging sunnies :p
Tho' I knew Jason Mraz rings with straw hat, I still went with my essential bowler-hat. 1st I cudnt find my straw hat anywhere. 2nd straw hat doesnt go with my studded loafers, which I havent gotten tired of up until this very moment. (Well, I cud use a little help from the studs to roam the crowd and get to my desired position *smirk*)
And, finally, I got to "flaunt" my Brightspot haul: NIKICIO lace jacket + ANTYKBUTYK barca bracelet.
Chambray Jumpsuit - Forever21/Halter Tank - H&M/Lace Jacket - NIKICIO/Barca Bracelet - Antyk Butyk/Peace Bracelet-Topshop/Ring-Marc by Marc Jacobs/Watch-Swatch New Gent/RayBan Wayfarer
To the concert, we go!

Got quite handful of eye-candy while heading to the concert's venue, The Meadows: Gardens by the Bay. Splendid views to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, and to the Supertree Grove that I've been dying to visit. Totally a recommended place to visit on your time-off.
The Supertree Grove ♥ 

And as I expected, Jason Mraz is nothing but a-mraz-ing! Time and money well spent *tee-hee* (and for me personally, an escapade that was worth psyched about: my 1st concert-in-a-park, with awesome new found friends :))
more a-mraz-ing photos by Charlie Huang *here*

Opened with "Everything is Sound" and closed with "I wont give up" ♪♫ 

The awesome "crowd"...
 photo via Dora QiYi
 photo via Dora QiYi 
 photo via Dora QiYi
There's nothing better than closing the day with a glass (or more) of beer

La la la la! Let's all sing "La la la la"! Laying it down..everything is sound ~ ♪♫♥ 


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