June 21, 2012

[Nails Diary: Outlined Nails (O.P.I Just Spotted The Lizard)]

Cant help but notice this outlined nails trend that keeps popping up around.  Well I  must admit that I didnt have immediate fondness towards this trend, but curiosity crept up on me that I brought myself to actually try it.

And...I got deceived by the simplicity of it. It was actually hard to outline nails, especially when you have no nail liner or special dotting tools.
But worry not, for there are many ways lead to Rome
Thanks to my used eye-liner brush, I cud successfully outlined these nails.
Yay to "recycling" ♥

I suggest you to use the pen eye liner, cos it gives more control while you outline.  And you can also use your eye-liner directly instead of using it with nail polish (but, wudnt it be more costly?)
Well, pen marker is also another option. But I personally pick the eye-liner brush cos it resembles the strokes paint brush produces.  The strokes are somehow nicer and more suave.

As for the nail polish, I finally got my hand on the O.P.I Just Spotted The Lizard (from Amazing Spider Man) that I've purchased while ago. It's definitely a perfect dupe to my wishlist, Chanel's Peridot, at a more compromising price :p  And many reviews mentioned that it lasts longer than Chanel. What more can I say but "BUY!" *tee-hee*
The theme, well, is very obvious. In case you guys are wondering what have I drawn on my middle finger there, well it's a spider web *I've tried my best*.
So it's like "Spider Man captures the Lizard" :p

I'm thinking about givin this "outlined nails" another try, a pastel nail polish+neon outlined ♥  Cos black outline gives out this dirty fingers' feeling :( but however it does intensify the nail polish color tho'

Well, good luck givin it a try girls! And cant wait for The Amazing Spider Man: Garfield Stone duo ♥♥♥


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