February 6, 2015

[Lace & Linda]

Hello there! Here is my 1st post in 2015 and it's a...


OUTFIT post!

I know it's been quite sometime since I posted an outfit post...2 years ago was it?
Oh well, blame it on Instagram...been playing a lot of it lately hence the less blogging.
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So...here i am, donned in my lace top and asymmetrical vest from Zara for a casual day out.
Have these items for quite sometime already, but just got the chance to wear it 'cause I've been looking for the right boots to go with them.  Thanks to my sis' for lending me these rad buckle boots she got from Topshop.

Feeling a bit Linda Perry after putting on my tops and single dangling earring, so I added the hat...and the accessories, lots and lots of them #wecantstop


ZARA lace tee neck top / ZARA asymmetrical vest / TOPSHOP denim
TOPSHOP buckle boots / GUCCI satchel / RAYBAN clubmaster / H&M hat
ZARA cuff bracelet / ZARA single earring / LOVISA rings



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