June 29, 2014

[Beauty Diary: Dry Me X Lash & Wink Beauty Quick 30 Minutes Makeover]

The MAKEOVER is on!

Calling all beauty enthusiasts, especially you aficionados of falsies.  Be prepared to have your lashes ready for some fierce batting and winking cos' I have an exciting beauty testimony to report today.

So, a couple weeks ago, I got invited to this beauty event "BEAUTY QUICK 30 MINUTES MAKEOVER" held by Dry Me hair salon and Lash & Wink to celebrate the launch of Lash & Wink faux lashes (yes ladies, there is a new falsies brand in town that you MUST try) 
 Lovely decoration by The Swan Design & Decoration

Scrumptious sweet treats by DOLCI Dessert
(I recommend the coffee tiramisu, it's just superb)

The event was started with an introduction to Lash & Wink falsies and followed by a smokey eye make-up tutorial by Marcella Widita.  Afterwards, we were treated to the Beauty Quick 30mins Makeover by Dry Me and Lash & Wink team ♥  
(both Sapphire and Amethyst aim for soft and natural looking lashes, while Emerald mimics an alluring and sultry looking lashes with its sexy cat-eye shape that flares out at the end)

(Moonstone helps you achieve that sweet dolly look with maximum length effect to make your eyes pop, while both Ruby and Alexandrite with their boldness and volume give you a classy touch to accentuate your glamorous night look or simply to complement your sexy smokey eye make-up) 

Step by step smokey eye make-up tutorial by Marcella Widita with various tips in applying your eye shadow to falsies.

For you who have read my previous post about my experience at Dry Me hair salon will notice the reason behind the event's name.  The words quick and 30mins have been Dry Me's signature as they offer exceptionally quick hair wash n' blow service.  
But for this Beauty Quick event, they added another element of beauty that was make-up to their quick 30mins service, in collaboration with the Lash & Wink team.
And once again, Dry Me together with Lash & Wink had proven to me that excellent quality can be delivered in such short time.  I had my hair washed, blown, and my eyes enhanced with Lash & Wink premium falsies in less than 30mins.
Waiting for my turn for the Beauty Quick 30mins Makeover, so excited!!!
*humming Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Tsukema Tsukeru

Inside the goodies bag (besides a cup of delish Dolci tiramisu and various vouchers from sponsors) is a box contains 3 pairs of reusable Lash & Wink assorted falsies (Sapphire, Moonstone, Alexandrite) and a bottle of falsies adhesive.
I love how the box comes with instructions in applying the falsies, it is really helpful for falsies noobs.  And I'm such a sucker for the watercolor-themed packaging, it is so pretty. 

I decided to try the soft and natural looking Sapphire falsies for my first time.  Who knows a pair of falsies can make such a difference.  And the most important part was they were so comfortable that I didnt even feel like wearing falsies.
Thank you Noi for putting on these pretty falsies on me
 The ladies around me who were enjoying their makeover. 
(Shout out to this lovely blogger on the right, Dea Hamdan, read her experience at this event on her blog

Voilà! This is how I turned out after the 30mins makeover, rocking the Susan Straight and Sapphire falsies All ready for my Saturday night out!
TOPSHOP floral kimono/H&M sheer sleeveless baroque shirt/Chanel bag/Haider Ackermann paisley brogues

I had so much fun in this event, not only that I got to experience a super fun beauty makeover but I also got to gain some helpful beauty tips and some new friends as well.
Thank you Dry Me and Lash & Wink for the wonderful experience, enjoying every minutes of it

Dry Me
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, 2nd Floor 2F-121A, fashion Hub (+622145848971) 

Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit, 2nd Floor 17A (+622129629448)

10:00 AM-10:00 PM Mon-Sun

www.thedryme.com | info@thedryme.com | @thedryme

Lash & Wink



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