April 7, 2012

[Nails Diary: Effie Trinket's (The Reaping) Nails]

Happy 74th Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

My version of Effie Trinket's nail polish do in The Reaping scene.
This is my favorite of all Effie's Capitol manicure style (...and also because this is the only one I managed to do w/ my amateur skill and limited resources, yet still managed to do it myself..on both hands *teehee*)

This is a very easy manicure to DIY and it looks good on both short or long nails, tho' the gradient effect may look slightly better on longer nails.
You'll only be needing a dark magenta or fuschia polish, gold pigment polish, glitter topcoat, and a make-up sponge.
(P.S.: I use a copper pigment polish instead of gold, cos I dun have any. But still looks kinda same I guess)
 OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte - VoV Classic Song 7263 - Essie Carnival

Thanks to cutepolish for this awesome tutorial, I'm a fan ♥

I'm a big sucker for anything Hunger Games now.  Last couple days, I decided to purchase some of the China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection.  Cant wait to try it on, got this idea of "Katniss Girl on Fire" nails already.

Btw, have you read the Hunger Games trilogy? 
I couldnt put them down, that I finished 3 of them in 3 days.  Gosh, I'm hooked ♥
I managed not seeing the movie til I finished the book, which I later regretted.  Reading the book 1st always makes me expecting too much from the movie.  
Let's just hope w/ the abundant profit they made from the 1st movie, will make the 2nd and 3rd installments better (and longer) :p

Cudnt help contain the fan girl inside me, got myself this :

And again, may the odds be ever in your (and my) favor ♥


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