February 26, 2012

[Rocking the Rockin']

Re-introducing my new babies: Jeffrey Campbell's Rockin ♥ 
Got it on my Spore's trip back in 2011 (feels like so long ago already :p), in a concept store called ActuallyActually located in Purvis St. (love the store! it's like HK's I.T)
Hope to purchase 2nd pair of JC soon, but still in dilemma mode: Lita or Nightwalk?
The 1st stroll at Esplanade ♪♫

And I also got the military trench that I've been wanting since I saw Brown-Eyed-Girls' Ga-In sporting it at her solo-album promo, then Kang So Ra in one of WGM's episode. 너무 행복하다! :D
 Military Trench - F21/Cosmic Kimono - Dot D'Tails/Tribal Top - F21/Khakis Shorts - F21/Disco Jane on a Leash crossbody bag-Marc by Marc Jacobs

To be honest, JC's Rockin is not made for strolling around.  In just about ±40min, the "beauty is pain" term is applied.
So, we went to Max Brenner's, to give these feet a rest and had ourselves a chocolate boost
A little hot & cold treat for the afternoon.  The Italian dark choco tasted damn good and rich, yet the 80's milkshake suited my child-like taste better :p
And most of the time, I got stuck in adoring the cuteness of the Hug Mug and Alice cup. *a 1st timer's syndrome*But the "drink me" cup's content didnt make me shrink, it made me grew wider instead :(

Italian Hot Dark Chocolate and 80's Milkshake *we ♥*

1st time tryin and got all greedy bout it *blush*
"I'm on a high...on a high, a chocolate high!"

*For more info, visit Max Brenner's website

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  1. Wow those shoes are very appropriately named. They do rock!

    rolala loves

  2. Fantastic blog and brilliant post!!! You're amazing!!! Your sense of style is fantastic too!!! Absolutely brilliant...