March 30, 2009

[Classically Pending]

"same old same old, new season-no money-lotsa new collection waiting."

last saturday (28.o3.o9), not in a purpose to bump into a classic-unique vest if it wasn't bcos of my dear also shopaholic friend who was lookin' for her "long-lost-in-sale jacket" in Zara.

Wish cud' just swayed out from Zara wearin' this vest *ugh*

Guess it's the beginning of saving up season, wish me luck then!

[Tropical Leather?]

FINALLY!! *victory dance*
I bought my
very 1st Leather Jacket (not so long ago, have no time to update my blog), though it's kinda not suitable for me who live in this such tropical country *sob*


fashion knows no boundary, so i gathered all my allowance to get myself this high-satisfaction pleasure..which i have no regret on of course.

Leather Jacket - Zara TRF
White Tees - Topshop
Mineral wash jeans - Forever 21
Tap shoes - BeatBox
Bag - F29

N.B.: My jacket and tap shoes are two of my favorite items now~

March 23, 2009

[Midnight Earl Grey]

"A cup of Earl Grey tea, fuse of the bergamot - blow peace to me mind."

Greetings to you all!
This is my very 1st blog.Finally, i decided to create one after long time of postponing due to many (lame) excuses.

noted 01:41 A.M in the morning now..guess can't tell anymuch of myself "too-detailly", so...

feel free to dig in to my profile for further "picture" of me..speaking of picture itself,
here's brief history of me ...thru' my photos :

Guess this is all from me ..for now
signing off.