November 21, 2009

[Twilight Saga:New Moon - SPECIAL Screening]

"I am so damned lucky!"

That was what on my mind when I got the ticket for
New Moon special screening. *scream out loud monologue*

So, this whole special screening thing is the same as New Moon premiere actually. It is the term used by this one cinema in my home-country, who fortunately got the honor to play New Moon a day after the worldwide released date, which is on Nov 21st 2009. Worth called "SPECIAL" then ;p since we are always a little bit behind regarding the new released movies.

My friends and I were all like counting down the days to New Moon released date. Gosh, finally that awaited day has come. And big thanks to my friend,
Vonny, who successfully booked 8 tickets for us the day before the special screening. You're the man!!;D

*courtesy of Terrylin Lovi*

"I am so damned lucky!"

That was also what on my mind earlier today (4:30 PM), when I sat down there, right inside EX STUDIO XXI theater 3 row A, watching Twilight Saga: New Moon for the very first time. It was a very emotional moment of me own ;p
Couldn't help but shrieking a bit when Edward first came out from that err black Volvo *blush*

Can't wait to watch it for more, to grasp more meanings of the movie ;p
I'll tell you guys more about the movie after I watch and breathe it more inside me. All I need is just a time out of all these excruciating assignments then I can enjoy watching New Moon at ease *sigh*

I wish I could take pictures right from the 'crime scene' to show it to you guys, but I forgot my camera. Furthermore, it was so crowded and gosh it shut down the mood to take pictures *sigh*
My deepest apology, but at least I get to show a picture of us girls together:

*courtesy of Yenny Tessa*
Stunning aight? :)

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