November 28, 2009

[Little Blue Tee]

"Well, I just wanna try one thing."

Remember that quote? and remember this tee?

If you are a true TwiHard, u must have known ;)

Yes, fortunately this is the tee that resembles the blue tees Edward and Bella wore on the first night of Edward's "sleepover" at Bella's room (refer to my post: [Twilight Saga and I, the 1st Anniversary part.1])

So, regarding the scene first, I have (no, I MUST) discuss this one fave scenes of mine, since I didn't get the opportunity on my previous post- due to the length of the post, cos when I start talking bout Twilight, these fingers seem like drumming on the keyboard on their own, they're unstoppable.*horror face*
Okay, enough of the gibberish introduction Grace *pfft*

A little preview of the scene to decorate this blog lil' bit:

Well, I found it cute that they actually have this kind of theme for the so-waited kissing scene in Twilight, wearing matching tops. But maybe because it's them, Bella and Edward, so I am able to find it cute and sweet somehow. I may find it different in the real life, it's kinda boo-ya for couple to wear the exact same tops *pardon me*

Back to the topic; The kissing part itself actually is not my favorite but the continuity of the kissing part that is. Remember when they spent the rest of the night chit-chatting while sleeping side by side and until Bella fell asleep with her head laid on Edward's torso? That scene absolutely worth a "gyaaaaaa" kind of expression. I myself can't stop from the hysterical every time I think about that scene, which I am right now, thanks to you guys *lol*
So envious.

*the so-romantic scene*

When Bella laid her head against Edward, Edward had this kind of expression where it as if Bella was so delicate that he was afraid of breaking her with a single touch or movement. That was so sweet of him and worth an awe.
This scene was like the ascertainment of Bella and Edward relationship, where Edward was reassuring his ability, himself, to be able to love Bella without having the thought of draining her blood everytime he wanted to have this physical touch with her ;p
Gosh, what a thoughtful Edward *love you even more.

I found fanarts of this scene *unfortunately all focus on the kissing scene ;p*:

Okay, so I was so excited when I found the tee that resembles Bella and Edward', it's a Zara basic tee which is it's not that costly to get Edward and Bella's look ;)
I decided to give a little mix and match of this tee to have my own style in it, along with the make-up of course- I haven't had the time to make the tutorial, but I please be patient :)*

Blue Tee - Zara Basic
Belt - flea market
Polkadot Skirt - a gift from Vonny :)
Golden copper mini skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - own mixmatch

What do you guys think? *heehee*
I'm still learning on mastering the make-up skill, the lipstick itself still not quite resembling Edward's though, still on the hunt of all Twilight Cullen wanna-be make-up, I'll post it as tutorial as soon as I get all the kit needed. Promise :)

More twilight-saga posts coming up, wait and see guys :)


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