June 7, 2009

[Tea Garden Lament]

"I was sitting in a cafe, drinking some tea~"

Joker's Daughter - Jelly Belly

Too little too late, but better than never aight!? So, I got to listen to this great album 2months ago *thanks to passion of Indie's review*.

Turned out, I gave 5 outta 5 for this "Last Laugh" album by Joker's Daughter

To me personally, I
L-O-V-E IT! The music is kinda odd in positive meaning, really love the folk acoustic-gothic mixture. And of course I love the voice of Helena Costas, though it's not toO unique but somehow goes along with the music ;)

Besides the theme of this album suits my "AddicTEAdism" ...hahahah
When I'm listening to the songs, feels like I'm havin this kinda gothic weird garden tea party like ones Alice had in the Wonderland.

Here are my faves:
  1. Yellow Teapot
  2. Cake and July
  3. Lucid
  4. Jelly Belly
I do recommend this album to you guys, give it a try :)
Review: http://indiepassion.blogspot.com/search?q=joker%27s+daughter

I do not recommend this to you guys, I repeat..I DO NOT recommend this,
you can download the album in torrent format at www.mininova.org

Happy listening!


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