June 10, 2009

[Straight Gone Curly]

"People with straight hair wish they had curly hair, and people with curly hair wish it were straight."

Yesterday, I decided to curl my hair. Actually, it's been decided since months ago when I saw this one hair style from this Japan's mags called ViVi - which I borrowed from my friend FYI ;p-

The original model isn't like this though. The original one is more simple, not curly to be exact but more to wavy.
But considering the length of my hair, to make it like the original I need to have the same length but unfortunately my hair was kinda layered and shorter on the front part.
Moreover, I have this type of super straight and smooth hair, so it's sort of difficult to make it curly, my hair just won't absorb the serum. So my hair-stylist decided to make it as puffy as possible to retain the curl. And it turned out well at first, super puffy!! Love it soO much!
However, it's getting loss and loss minute by minute hour by hour. The photos are all taken today, so it's been less puffy than it was yesterday.

Been thru' this the third time already :(
I've curled my hair before, once when it was elbow-length and once when it was shorter bob. Love to experiment with my looks thru' my hairstyle. Here is a lil' back2back preview:

*click to enlarge*

Even though I still have the warranty to re-curl, but I pity my hair for getting thru this damage :(
Hope this time my curl lasts, at least for 2-3 months ahead *cross fingers*


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