June 8, 2009

[Silver Lining]

"Hooray hooray, I'm your Silver Lining" (by Rilo Kiley)

Introducing : A Story of Not-so-Little Silver Riding Shoes

So, this is the story..

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was in desperately need for a pair of silver shoes to go with her fabulous sequins cardigan.
Months of months of shoe hunting, she finally landed on this one little "in hiding" shoes' shop.
There laid the silver sneakers, sparkling not only by its color but also by the magic it directly conveyed to the little girl's eyes. The little girl stood there speechless, blinded by the silvery gorgeous shoes. *please do cut me if I'm goin too over broad ;p*

Then she put herself altogether and took a step into the shop. Firstly, she asked how much did she need to give in order to get those shoes, sadly..the price was not making her happy. But, she decided to give it a try and toO bad toO bad..that was the only pair left, no.39 when all she needed was a pair of a 37.
After a minute of confusion, she then took the very right decision. What was it? She used the power of bargaining she got from her beloved mother *lol*. Since it was the only pair left, the little girl finally got the shoes she was looking for all this time with a compromising price.
The end.

These shoes was like my "glass shoes", extremely happy when I found it! YATTA!!

Straw Hat - Quicksilver
Sequins Cardigan - Zara Basic
Blue Denim Shirt - Mom's Closet
Ethnic Belt - NaNa
Floral flare skirt - Mango
Silver Sneakers - Bugis Junction

Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins ; Topshop ; F21

This is the final piece, what do you think? :) please do review..I appreciate it so much.


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