June 7, 2009

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"Miss me? .. miss me not?"

I AM BACK *wink*
heiy heiy...I'm good I'm back. So sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy and yet moOdy lately.
WoO, it's been almost 2months I'm off the track..got lotsa lotsa things to update and share with u guys. Stay tuned for my latest updates, okay? ;)

Humm...first thing first, I'd like you guys to meet my special paL, the so called Mr.PiggyBank *lol*

After months of "feeding", finally he'll be FUNDful for this upcoming summer supersale...gyaaa!*don't worry mr.Pig, I'll make u skinny in no time ;p*

SoO..r u ready!? harhar..



  1. why does he looked so worry?
    what is he worrying about?

  2. bout' being "slaughtered" maybe ;p