April 12, 2009

[Not You, Wolverine]

"It's just a scratch."

Yeah...easy to say, but hard to accept. This is somethin i did to my father's car a couple minutes ago...

Yes Wolverine, I know you didn't cause this, I did *sigh*
My first scratch as a result of amateur's miscalculation and lights insufficient..sorry dad for bein' careless and thank you for not gettin mad at me :)

I'm kinda pissed off actually, pissed at myself. Just a second too late to the left, there it went...the right back part of my car "intimately touched" the front gate and produced these three little cute scratch.

NEXT TIME must be more accurate! Yosh! Still need lots and lots of practice.
I drive a 2004 2.5 XT Nissan X-Trail SUV, what a comfy car in my opinion..love this car so much, that's why kinda hurt when those scratches happened.


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