April 10, 2009

[It's Friday I'm In Love]

"Saturday wait, and Sunday always comes too late. But Friday never hesitate..."
The Cure - Friday I'm in Love

I LOVE Friday!
Not that I have this lovey-dovey experience on Friday *I had once though, but past is a past =P* , to be exact..I'm in love with Friday, my favorite day of the whole week. *wink*

Friday, ends my tiring and boring days and starts my relieving and relaxing days. Though every Friday I need to wake up at 05:00 AM for my morning Mathematics class, no matter how dull my Friday opening is..in the end I know I'm gonna get this plenty time to relax. It really helps me cheer up, all those happy thoughts *power of mind, huh* .

Friday is like the peak of my week. I always think of Friday as my very free day, it opens the door to my freedom *lol*. I can stay up late doing my things (like watchin movies-dramas, read novels and mangas, sketch my ideas, etc.) for tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in as late as I want to.

Thank God it's Friday aight!? =)
The word Friday is also used in "Friday the 13th", I love 13..what a coincidence =P it's like I was meant to love Friday, gyahaahh!

P.S.: I found
that Robert Smith Betty Boop Goth T-Shirt on a local store with a very compromistic price, the blending color of the tee is just so cool, so glad when I accidentally found it..love the Cure, back to the 90s (or 80s?) ladies!
My accidentally got-in-the-shot pillow formed the shape of heart after I edited it, really meant to be neee!? ;D

*Check out Friday I'm in Love Cover by Dryden Mitchell, nice*



  1. Friday in German is Freitag..

    Frei is Free in English
    Tag is Day in English

    so Frei+Tag = Free day :D

  2. WOO! Another great FACT bout' Friday.
    Danke schön =)