April 3, 2009

[Frame of Eyes]

"Sunglasses Hide a Multitude of Sin

A quote from Posh which I have an agreement with. Shades do help you hide all those weary-puffy eyes besides protecting them from UV ;P

But is that all? What about sunglasses or glasses as a fashion statement? I think Posh nails that issue damn well.
Besides her shoes and Hermes bags, big shades also take part in glamming up her style. Two thumbs up!

Also which I'm sure all you guys notice, sunglasses and glasses nowadays come with different sizes style etc. And it does really help in maximizing style as various shades available for each and every stylish characters out there.

I disagree with people sayin' that you just need one stylish simple sunglasses/glasses to fit in with all of your outfits. I think you need plenty, bcos every different outfits deserve a different touch of style to avoid boredom. Besides, it need to be suited with the occasions also. It's such a waste to be given many options of style out there but u just stick at one.

Here's my mini collection :

Aviator - SpEX ;Kanye West's - Local ;White Aviator - Topshop ;Tortoise Readers - Marc Jacobs
Encircle shades - Urban Outfitters ;Tortoise oversized - Guess ;Geeky glasses - H&M ;Geeky Crystal - Forever 21
Red wayfare - Forever 21 ;Tortoise & Black readers - locals ;Black-Red wayfare - Forever 21


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  1. cool collection grace!! love the kanye west and aviator.