April 2, 2009

[Corner of Fame]

"I'm not an actor, I'm not a star. And I don't even have my own car."

Hi, back for a lil' update since my health is not at its peak. Last night, got this i dunno came from where cold that only gave me bout 3 hours night sleep only, it was killin' my day.
But revenge is just beautiful, i took a 6-hours nap today *lol* and it's finally gettin' better, at least i can breath normally now ;P

Here's a little thing I did to my room yesterday, updated my little own corner of fame.

*I won an award for Best Friend category on a movie titled "Soloist", ironic huh!?=P*

Got this stuffs when I was visiting my sis in LA back then in Oct'o7. Talkin bout' my visit that time, got this really pathetic story of me and Depp's star on Walk of Fame.
On my last day of visit, I went to Walk of Fame JUST to get a portrait of Depp's star. Unfortunately, it was under re-construction T_T.] I flied 8,984 miles for nothin but a photo of Depp's star surrounded by construction lines *dramatic*

When I was back in LA last summer, i also didn't get the opportunity to visit Walk of Fame since it was a crowd and hard to get a parking space. *huff*


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