April 1, 2009


"A cup of tea to close the day."

I love Tea =)
I got this addiction about 3years ago. At first, i had no interest in tea, not at all, though i've been drinking it since my childhood, cos in my family we have this habit of starting the day with "sweet tea" as a good luck sign *lol*. Just a mixture of chinese red tea and sugar, says that sugar is good for energy *lols*. Prefer my tea w/o any addition, plain and original.

My first interest in tea emerged as i often visited japanese restaurants where they serve green tea お茶, as the best companion to the foods. The taste of green tea blends well with the food and it really helps to neutralize the queasiness you get from eating too much sushi.

By then, i started to try many different kinds of tea. I find it really interesting bcos there's just so much to know about - up til' now.
I usually fill my day by havin' cups of tea, accompanying me doin my things. There's absolutely no day without at least a cup of tea.
For me, the first sip of the tea gives the most relaxing feeling.
Recently, i have my own term called "Happy Hour" where i enjoy reading my Twilight Saga every night accompanied by a cup of Earl Grey *my fave*, i've done this since 5months ago *lol*

So far, my favorite brand of tea is TWINNINGS. The fusion meets my taste and it offers me lots of selection. Actually I have this kinda silly intention, that I'm gonna try all Twinnings' tea selections within this year..hahah
So far, I've tried

Classics : English Breakfast, Traditional Afternoon
Light Classics : Darjeeling, Ceylon
Aromatics : Chai, Earl Grey, Organic Earl Grey
Fresh & Fruity :blueberry apple, strawberry mango, blackcurrant ginseng vanilla
A Moment of Calm : Pure Camomile, Camomile Lemon Flowers, Cinnamon Spiced Apple, Lemongrass Lavender
Green Tea : Javanese Green Tea, Green Tea Jasmine, Green Tea Earl Grey, Green Tea apple, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Orange, Green Tea Mint
Cleanse : Pure Peppermint
(*italic are my faves*)

Wish to have this small garden where I can enjoy my tea time with my favorite teacup set and my favorite pastries like in the old English time.
I'm enjoying a cup of Darjeeling now =)


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